Cooperative Education

This course provides the opportunity for the student to utilize learned course competencies in a real life setting. The course also provides supplemental laboratory experience on an extensive array of equipment and processes. (Prerequisites: Permission of advisor and department chair)

Introduction to Programming

This course provides an introduction to the process of problem solving as it relates to program design and development. The student will learn to use various methodologies used in programming, as well as learning to use the various techniques and tools which have been developed to aid in the process. The basic programming statement types […]

Introduction to Computers

This course provides an introduction to computers and computer networking and the various computer job fields. The introduction to computers portion of the course covers computer hardware, principles of computer operations, operating systems, representing data digitally, computer algorithms, the World Wide Web and digital security. The introduction to computer networking portion of the course focus […]

Software Applications

The emphasis of this course is hands-on applications of computer software including Windows, database, spreadsheets and word processing. Students will be exposed in-depth to business uses through simulated projects. Students are also introduced to PowerPoint and other business applications. An analysis of the impact of these programs on the business environment will also be studied. […]

Computer Ethics Privacy and Security

This course provides students the skills to use modern technology. Topics include computer ethics, techniques to protect privacy and how to protect your devices from malicious attacks. Students will learn terminology as well as examine current trends and laws concerning technology. Students will also learn how to safeguard against health hazards that can be associated […]