Supporting LRCC means supporting your community

At Lakes Region Community College, we understand that students are the most important part of our community. This is why we work hard to provide opportunities for our students to succeed. By providing quality programs, tutoring opportunities, and partnering with local schools and businesses to make education easier to obtain, our students soar into their future with knowledge and confidence.

Investments in LRCC allow us to provide students with these programs and resources and scholarships that change their lives. Graduates frequently remark about how much attention our faculty puts into making students feel prepared for the future, thanks to hands-on approaches and access to unique opportunities. We can provide this experience thanks to donors who dedicate their time and treasure to Lakes Region Community College.

We are able to continue on our mission of providing quality education at a low cost because of people like you.

Thank you!

Dr. Larissa R. Baia

If you have a particular passion for supporting Lakes Region Community College, please contact me to discuss how we can work together to make that dream a reality.

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