LRCC is a small, student-centered institution nestled among the mountains and lakes of the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Like many community colleges, LRCC’s offerings respond to the educational interests of our current and future students and the skills needs of industry partners to ensure the economic vibrancy of our communities.  Yet, what truly distinguishes LRCC are its people.  Our faculty and staff believe in our mission to serve and that our work transforms lives.

As a first generation college student from a very small island in the Caribbean, I never imagined that I would become a college president.  For me and countless others, a college education uncovered new worlds to explore and career pathways that you can’t yet imagine.  That’s why making a college education accessible to everyone is central to our mission.  At LRCC, we know that we can help you discover and attain the skills and passions necessary to pursue what right now may only be dreams. 

Thank you for allowing LRCC help you uncover the boundless possibilities the lie ahead!


Larissa R. Baia