Introduction to Networks

This course is the first in a series of four courses designed to prepare students to earn the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. It is based on the Cisco Introduction to Networks course and introduces the architecture, structure, functions, components and models of the Internet and computer networks. The principles of IP addressing and […]

Introduction to Oracle DB

This course provides students with the knowledge and skill required to install, configure, administer and troubleshoot Oracle DB. Students will learn to write queries and perform a wide variety of tasks using both GUI and SQL code. (Prerequisites: CIS140L and CIS242L)

Information Storage and Management

This course teaches students how to manage and secure information. This includes instruction and handson exercises in the installation, configuration and management of a variety of technologies like RAID, SAN and NAS used for storing, accessing, securing, sharing and optimizing information. (Prerequisite: CIS136L)

SQL Server

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills required to install, configure, administer and troubleshoot MS SQL Server. Students will learn to write queries and perform a wide variety of tasks using both GUI and SQL code. (Prerequisites: CIS130L and CIS136L)

Database Management and Design

This lab course introduces modern techniques of data management. Students will learn the concepts of data normalization elements and their organization into proper schemata. Working with database management systems involves programming and sequential thinking skills, whereby students create and manipulate databases using SQL. Additional topics include Big Data, data security, and NoSQL. (Prerequisite: CIS130L).

Management with Computers

This is a project-based course where students are expected to utilize several software packages including MS Project. Students will study in depth how businesses use computers and software in day-to-day business. Make or buy decisions, artificial intelligence, decision support systems, the software development life cycle, data flow diagrams and CASE tools will also be studied. […]


This course provides students with an introduction to the technologies required for on-line business activities. Technologies will include security, databases, XML, shopping carts, as well as other current topics. This course also covers the issues concerning international trade, ethics, legal issues and taxes. ((Prerequisite: CIS132L or Permission of Instructor)

Web Programming II

This course is a companion to Web Programming I. Topics include PERL, CGI, Java and scripting in Visual Basic and Java. (Prerequisites: CIS136L, CIS140L, and CIS233L which may be taken concurrently)


This course provides extensive “hands-on” exposure to MS Excel, an industry-standard program. Topics covered include constructing a worksheet, entering and manipulating data, and extracting useful information from the worksheet. Graphs and charts of data will be constructed, and “what-if” projections will be developed. (Prerequisite: CIS130L or Permission of Instructor.)

Website and Design Development

This course offers an introduction to Website Design and Development using HTML5 and CSS, as well as various software products available. The basics of good page and form design, graphics, mapping, lists and tables will be discussed. An overview of integrating text, video, data, audio, graphics and animation will also be covered.

Introduction to Multimedia

This course offers an introduction to multimedia concepts with emphasis on web-based multimedia. Students will study the different multimedia elements to include text, images, video, sound and interactive content. Additionally, students will learn about the hardware and software used to produce multimedia, to include such applications as Maya, Macromedia Director and Flash. A number of […]

IT Developmental Applications

This course introduces the student to MS Visio and MS Project. Students will learn to work with various types of diagrams in Visio, as well as how to work with Project to plan and track projects using a variety of resources. This is a hands-on course where students will work extensively with the software to […]