Nursing IV

Nursing IV has three components: Leadership and Management, care of Medical/Surgical patients with multisystem disorders and Maternal, Newborn, Pediatrics & Reproductive Health. Leadership & Management: Emphasis is placed on contemporary issues and management concepts, as well as developing the skills of delegation, conflict management, and leadership. Legal and ethical issues are discussed with a focus […]

Nursing III

The components comprised in this course are patient care for individuals with complex medical/surgical alterations and patient care for individuals with Mental Health Alterations. Medical/Surgical: This portion of the course focuses on the care of adult patients with complex medical and surgical health problems. Emphasis is placed on helping patients and their families cope with […]

Nursing II

This course focuses on the nursing care of the adult patient with health alterations that require medical and/or surgical intervention. Emphasis is placed on health assessment and care of patients with alterations in selected body functions. Concepts of patient centered care, cultural sensitivity, informatics, safe practice, and professionalism are integrated throughout the course. Clinical experiences […]

Nursing I

This course provides an introduction to nursing and roles of the nurse in a variety of healthcare systems as well as profession related and patient care concepts. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge and skills needed to provide safe, quality care. The theoretical foundation for basic assessment is integrated with nursing skills. The student is […]

General Pharmacology

This course provides an introduction to the principles of Pharmacology, including: pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, principles of pharmacology, introduction to drug classifications and common drug therapies by body systems. Dosage calculations for common drugs will also be discussed and practiced. (Prerequisite: competency demonstrated on the math placement exam.)

Licensed Nursing Assistant

The NH Board of Nursing approved Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) program consists of 46 hours of classroom theory/lab and 60 hours of clinical for a total of 106 hours of coursework. The theory portion is delivered at the college. The clinical is arranged at a local health care facility. The College offers semester long and […]