Nursing IV has three components: Leadership and Management, care of Medical/Surgical patients with multisystem disorders and Maternal, Newborn, Pediatrics & Reproductive Health. Leadership & Management: Emphasis is placed on contemporary issues and management concepts, as well as developing the skills of delegation, conflict management, and leadership. Legal and ethical issues are discussed with a focus on personal accountability and responsibility. Students will use health literacy strategies to identify education needs of a patient in the community. They will use data from a comprehensive assessment to develop an education plan that addresses knowledge deficits related to management of chronic disease including medications, nutrition, health promotion and community resources. Using technology students will present their project to their peers for feedback. Medical Surgical Multisystem: This portion of the course focuses on advanced concepts of nursing care as they relate to patients across the lifespan with complex, multisystem alterations in health. Emphasis is placed on implementing time management and organizational skills while managing the care of patients with multiple needs and collaborating with the interdisciplinary team. Complex clinical skills, as well as priority setting, clinical judgment, and tenets of legal and ethical practice, are integrated throughout the course. Clinical experiences provide the student an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and implement safe care to patients and selected groups in a variety of settings. Maternal Newborn & Pediatrics & Reproductive Health: This portion of the course provides an integrative, family-centered approach to the care of mothers, newborns, and children. Emphasis is placed on normal and high-risk pregnancies, normal growth and development, family dynamics, common pediatric disorders and the promotion of healthy behaviors in families. Clinical experiences provide the student an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and implement safe patient care to families (including childbearing women, newborns, children and adults with reproductive health alterations) in selected settings. (Prerequisite: NURS132L, NURS142L, NURS222L with a minimum grade of B-, BIOL145L, BIOL 146L, BIOL241L, PSYC125L, PSYC126L with a minimum grade of C)