The components comprised in this course are patient care for individuals with complex medical/surgical alterations and patient care for individuals with Mental Health Alterations. Medical/Surgical: This portion of the course focuses on the care of adult patients with complex medical and surgical health problems. Emphasis is placed on helping patients and their families cope with alterations in body functions. Concepts of pharmacology, health promotion and education, evidence based practice, and interdisciplinary collaboration will be integrated throughout the course. Clinical learning experiences provide an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and implement safe care to patients and selected groups in a variety of medical surgical settings. Mental Health: This portion of the course provides a concentrated experience in the specialty area of mental health nursing by addressing the nursing care of pediatric, adult, and geriatric clients with a variety of psychiatric disorders and mental health alterations to include those related to crisis, addiction, and suicide. Emphasis is placed on using effective therapeutic communication techniques, completing a psychiatric nursing assessment, discussion of psychotropic medications and maintaining patient safety as a member of an interdisciplinary team in the care of individuals with mental health needs. Clinical learning experiences include the classroom, simulated learning environment, and patient care settings. (Prerequisite: NURS132L, NURS142L with a minimum grade of B-, BIOL145L, BIOL146L, PSYC125L, PSYC126L with a minimum grade of C, Co-requisite BIOL241L)