Topics in Literature

In this course, focus will be given to a particular genre, theme, or issue within literature to enable comparison and analysis of several texts. While the topics may change per semester, emphasis is placed on critical methods of thinking, reading and writing. May be repeated for credit when course content changes; may be taken with […]

Public Speaking

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of public speaking and offers students the opportunity to practice these skills through a variety of in-class speeches. Students research, prepare and deliver oral presentations. In addition, class members serve as an audience and provide feedback to their fellow classmates. (Prerequisite: ENGL100L or Permission of Instructor)

The Myth of the Hero

The character of the hero, as he or she appears in the myths of different societies, is studied and analyzed. Students explore the meanings of mythological figures, motifs, and references from a variety of perspectives. Creation and fertility myths of the world, as they impact understanding the role of the hero, are considered as well. […]

Introduction to Drama

The basis of this course is the reading and discussion of significant plays in Western literature, from the Greeks to the present with related writing assignments. The plays are viewed within their historical and social contexts, with an emphasis on the relationship between their literary and theatrical forms. (Prerequisite: ENGL100L or Permission of Instructor)

Popular Fiction

Elements of horror fiction and popular fiction are studied and researched. Representative samples are read and analyzed for techniques and themes. Writers include Poe, Hawthorne, Faulkner, Oates and Conrad. The evolution of imaginative literature from the gothic through contemporary horror, science fiction and fantasy is studied using various critical approaches. (Prerequisite: ENGL100L or Permission of […]

The Nature Writers

The course introduces students to the prose and poetry of British and American nature writers. It also helps them understand the historical, social and intellectual background of various literary periods. (Prerequisite: ENGL100L or Permission of Instructor)

Introduction to Literature

This course delves into the reading and analyzing of literary works in order to develop an appreciation for the place literature has in its influence on culture and society. Selections will be taken from four literary genres: Poetry, drama, the novel, and the short story. By becoming familiar with and applying key literary terms and […]

Tolkien and The Ring of Power

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien are studied and analyzed. Tolkien’s biography, his writing life, the origins of the stories, and their publication history, as well as his construction of a mythological world and its peoples and languages, his characters and their development, and his thematic concerns are researched. Finally, […]

Creative Writing: Fiction, Poetry and Drama

Through their writing, students will strive to make the ordinary extraordinary in this course. While honing their creative writing skills by writing short fiction, poetry, and drama, students will also read, examine and discuss works in the various genres. Using these readings as models for understanding, students will examine elements of style, form, and meaning […]

Creating Writing: Nonfiction

This course focuses on the reading and writing of creative nonfiction or, in essence, “true stories well told.” Students will be creative in their study and use of literary techniques to present factually accurate prose about real people and events in a compelling and dramatic manner with the goal being to make nonfiction stories read […]

Scriptwriting for Film and Television

Students involve themselves in the process of imaginative writing. Instruction is guided by the student’s individual interests, strengths and needs. The course includes the analysis and writing of dramatic scripts designed for television and/or large screen production. Students are encouraged to discover and reflect their own voice in the form most suitable. Attention is focused […]

The American Short Story

Early, modern and contemporary short stories are read closely and analyzed for theme, plot development, character study and author’s style. Stories are placed in their historical context. (Prerequisite: ENGL100L or Permission of Instructor)