Survey of American Literature

An overview of how America’s best-known thinkers, authors and poets have reflected and influenced culture, this course takes an historical approach to studying literature from colonial to contemporary times. (Prerequisite: ENGL100L or Permission of Instructor)

Business Communications

Effective communication strategies and writing techniques that inform much of the business world are introduced and examined. Emphasis is placed on developing an awareness of professional conventions and genres while building tangible skills relating to research, design, collaboration and writing. (Prerequisite: ENGL100L or Permission of Instructor)

Technical Communications

The focus in this course is on the principles of, and practice in, clear and accurate presentation of information as directed to specific audiences. This includes planning, composing and editing resumes, reports, descriptions of mechanisms, instructions and critiques, and incorporation of graphics. The oral component includes interview strategies, informal and formal presentations. (Prerequisite: ENGL100L or […]

English Composition

In this course, students will be presented with critical thinking strategies that will be used to effectively convey meaning and thought in analytical terms. Students will learn to write concisely through the use of the writing process and integration of information literacy and Meta-literacy strategies. (Prerequisite: SAT scores or competence as demonstrated on placement exam.)