U.S. Regional & Infusion Cuisine

This course will give an overview of food origins and how they have shaped our modern day cuisine. Students will focus on a variety of cultural and regional cuisines throughout the United States. The trend towards crosscultural cuisines, and the eclectic foods they produce, will be discussed in depth. Students will learn how to create […]

Italian Cuisine

Students will enhance their cooking skills by studying cooking techniques and cultural aspects that deal indepth with Italian cookery. Students will rotate through each station in preparing new menu items. Students will be expected to follow recipes in preparing dishes from each of the regions in Italy. This course will reinforce both classical and modern […]

Classical Cuisine

This course will explore the history of classical cuisine and its origins. The accomplishments of our forefathers will be explored and their impact on cooking discussed. Students will absorb these concepts and hone their techniques in order to apply them to modern day cooking. Historical chefs like Escoffier and Careme will be introduced and explored. […]

Introduction to Garde Manger

This course offers an insight into the “cold side” of the restaurant industry. The student during this course will be responsible for researching Garde Manger techniques as well as practicing those techniques. The student will be inspired to practice classic Garde Manger skills through a series of projects created by the instructor. Such skills and […]

Culinary Cooperative Education

Co-operative education provides the opportunity for students to utilize learned culinary course competencies in a real-life setting. This course provides supplemental laboratory experience on the extensive array of equipment, ingredients and processes. Students will gain valuable experience and first-hand knowledge as to what a career in the Culinary Arts field outside the classroom entails. Students […]

Pastry Arts Capstone

This course provides the vehicle for students to demonstrate overall competency in baking and pastry and in the specific operations in which they have chosen to concentrate. Under the supervision of a faculty advisor, working individually or as part of a team, the student will select and successfully carry out a major project which pertains […]

Pastry Arts Cooperative Education

This course provides the opportunity for the student to utilize baking and pastry course competencies in a reallife setting along with supplemental laboratory experience on the extensive array of equipment and processes. (Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor)

Advanced Pastry and Confections

In this course the student will learn an array of international pastries and advanced pastry methods, techniques and showpieces. The student will be introduced to chocolate tempering, shaping, basic show piece construction and candy making. Subjects such as pastiage, pouring sugar and confection artistry will also be confection artistry will also be covered, researched and […]

Advanced Cake Decorating

This course is a continuation of our cake decorating course. Advanced cake decorating takes what has been learned in cake decorating and introduces new ingredients, techniques, and skill sets. Intricate piping techniques are demonstrated and practiced. The uses of ingredients such as rolled fondant, gum paste, royal icing and molding chocolate will be established. Advanced […]

Nutritional & Alternative Baking

This course introduces student into not only the nutritional aspects of baking, but the alternative baking world. Alternative baking meaning such subjects as gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and other allergy sensitive baking procedures. Nutritional aspects cover such subjects as low fat, low sodium, carbohydrate sensitive, as well as diabetic responsive dessert composition. Focus […]

Cost Control

This course covers such subjects as pricing menus, food costing equations, weights and measurements, scaling, yield testing, food cost percentages, inventories, and recipe conversions. The student will be expected to cost out recipes to find per portion costs as well as multiportion costs. This course discusses money saving techniques, waste control, and the importance of […]

Restaurant Facility & Menu Design

Both menu and facility design are important aspects of the restaurant industry. This course gives students realistic practice at mastering both. Students will practice proper menu layout as well as its design. Students will learn the importance of cross-utilization and how to optimize it. This course will give students the opportunity to see different writing […]