Sanitation & Safety

This course offers a look into the fundamentals of food service sanitation and safety. Students will demonstrate knowledge of proper hot and cold food handling procedures, cross contamination of ready-to-eat foods, proper receiving practices, proper storage guidelines, who is affected by improper food handling, and federal/state food service sanitation requirements. When this course is completed, […]

Culinary Fundamentals

This course encompasses the basic fundamental principles for a career in Culinary Arts. Each subject will be discussed and practiced in detail. This class will emphasize the importance of such terms and procedures as “mise en place”, knife skills, proper use of tools and several other basic principles that are important to the culinary industry. […]

Baking and Pastry Technologies

Baking & Pastry Technologies is a look into the scientific side of baking. Baking & Pastry Technologies is dedicated to teaching different scenarios, and reactions of ingredients, while baking. The lab element gives the experience of seeing different reactions of ingredients in baking; knowing, by looking at finished products, what works best and what may […]

Cake Decorating

This course will be concerned with creating various cakes, icings, fillings, frostings, and butter creams. Each student will learn the proper techniques for covering a cake, as well as ways to enhance the decoration on it. Making paper cones, writing on cakes, and making several types of butter cream flowers are covered. Classical cakes will […]

Hot and Cold Plated Desserts

The focus of this course is plated desserts that would be found in a restaurant setting. The critical components of a plated dessert will be explored along with detailed instructions of each. Various sauces and garnishes will be introduced, as well as various plate presentations. This course will include the production of slow-bake desserts (custards, […]

Bakery Production

This course will focus on the common items found in any bakery/pastry shop. Muffins, quick breads, coffee cakes, and donuts will be explored. Pie dough, puff pastry, pâté à choux, short dough and Danish dough will be taught, and several items will be created from each. Classical European pastry will be touched upon and the […]

Breads and Rolls

Students will be introduced to the baker’s scale and taught how to properly measure ingredients. Reading a formula and recipe conversions will also be covered. The history of bread making will be explored as well as the creating of many classical items from several cultures around the world. The milling process of flour will be […]