Creative Entrepreneurship

This course addresses the unique needs of creative people in the creative professions. Students will explore all aspects of living the creative life and building a creative work life through hands-on projects, discussion, and simulation. Topics will include, but are not limited to, the following: assessing your creative personality, exploring career possibilities and creating a […]

Independent Study in Fine Arts

The Independent Study in Fine Arts is designed for those students who either want to delve more deeply into a particular aspect of art, or who have a personal project they would like to explore. Students are expected to have enough art experience to formulate their own interests and goals, as well as work independently […]

Painting II

Further development of skills introduced in Painting I. Primary focus is on observational painting from landscape, still-life, and an introduction to painting the figure. The course will include analysis of the painting styles of the past and emphasis upon the role of the artist in contemporary society. (Prerequisite: ARTS240L)


In this course students create a personal website of their work. They learn to photograph their work and to edit the photos to upload to their website. They develop an artist statement. They also learn and practice the process of matting and hanging their work.


Introduction to three-dimensional sculpture processes in a variety of media, which include clay, plaster, metals and wood. The course builds upon concepts and skills established in 3-D Design with emphasis on creative expression and critical thinking. Students will work from a variety of subject matter in both additive and subtractive sculptural methods. (Prerequisite: ARTS120L)


An introductory studio course in the methods and materials of printmaking, building on principles and concepts of design established in 2-D Design. A variety of printmaking techniques will be introduced including woodblock printing, etching, linocut-printing, embossing and collagraph. (Prerequisite: ARTS111L or ARTS120L)

Issues in Contemporary Art

This course offers an exploration of current topics, trends, issues, and artists in the contemporary art world. This course will be taught in a seminar format, supplemented with slides, film and video, computer presentations, and visiting artists. When possible, field trips to area galleries, museums, exhibitions, arts events, or studios may be taken.

The Clay Experience II

This course offers a continuation and expansion of concepts and skills established in ARTS145L. This course will explore both functional and non-functional forms in clay, introducing the students to more sculptural and conceptual methods of producing clay objects and to thinking of clay as a personally expressive medium. (Prerequisite: ARTS145L or Permission of Instructor)

Painting I

This course offers an introduction to the basic principles, media and techniques of painting in oils and acrylics. The development of understanding color mixing, exploration of form, content and space is emphasized while working from abstract and realistic subject matters. The course synthesizes composition, creative thought and critical thinking.

20th Century Art

This course provides an introductory survey of the styles and conventions of the principle artistic movements and trends of the late 19th through 20th century.

Drawing: Figure in Color

This course builds off of the basic figure drawing covered in Drawing: Figure in Value. Students will work primarily in color. Using color in an observational and expressive manner. A variety of wet and dry drawing media will be explored. (Prerequisite: ARTS216L or Permission of Instructor)

Drawing: Figure in Value

This is an introductory level figure drawing course. Students will draw primarily from the nude model. They will learn to draw the model from observation using line and value. Students will work primarily in black and white however there will also be opportunity to use a value range within a limited color palette. A variety […]