Machine Processes

This course will present the theory of machine processes through and lessons covering traditional, manually operated machine tools such as band saws, drill presses, milling machines and lathes. Topics covered are selecting the machine stock, proper squaring a block on a milling machine, basic layout, drilling, tapping reaming, countersinking, counter boring, chamfering, machine set-up, grooving, […]

Independent Study in Machine Processes

This course will be a directed study in Machine Processes. The student will engage in learning about a topic of special interest at the direction of the instructor. (Prerequisite: Approval of advisor and department chair)

Solid Modeling

This class will be using the solid modeling software, SOLIDWORKS. The class will focus on being certifiable for the SOLIDWORKS CSWA (Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate) test. The SOLIDWORKS Certification could make you a more proficient modeler or help you get a job in, for example, drafting/design, tool making, or CNC programming. The class will focus on […]

Blueprint Reading

Students will learn the fundamentals of blue print reading including multi-view drawings and how to sketch one, threads, title blocks, ECOs, tolerance blocks, Rectangular and Geometric Tolerance. Students need a basic knowledge in drafting/design, machine processes and procedures.

Machine Tool Math

This focused class develops the skills of students in areas of mathematics relevant to modern manufacturing. An emphasis will be placed on practical applications as found in machining. The topics include usage of fractions and decimals, conversion between units, interpreting and using percentages, usage of tolerances, interpretation and usage of formulas and proportions, and the […]