January 31, 2024

Erica Bolduc’s love for numbers began during her tenure as a Comptroller for the US Marine Corps, where she seamlessly navigated the crunching of numbers and managed government travel credit cards. As her time with the Marines ended, Erica spent some time in Texas where she worked in accounts payable for a gas and oil company where she honed more skills in the accounting field.

She made her way back to NH and inspired by her mother’s advice, embarked on a new chapter at LRCC, delving into the realm of accounting. What makes this narrative even more special is that both Erica and her mother share not only a familial bond but also a shared academic journey as proud graduates of Gilford High School and LRCC for accounting.

Erica draws inspiration from her mother, considering her the bedrock of support. She admires her mother’s unwavering grit, navigating the challenges of single motherhood while pursuing her degree.

Guided by insightful advising, Erica decided to seize the opportunity to broaden her horizons. With just a few more classes, she is poised to earn dual degrees in accounting and business, a testament to her commitment and ambition. Come May 2025, Erica is set to stride confidently into the future, armed with not one but two associate degrees.

When asked about her experience at LRCC, Erica highlights the warmth she has encountered in every classroom, citing an appreciation for the tight-knit community fostered by the small class sizes. For Erica, LRCC isn’t just an academic institution; it’s a supportive community where she has yet to meet a teacher she hasn’t liked.

In the kaleidoscope of stories at LRCC, Erica Bolduc’s journey stands out as a beacon of determination, family tradition, and academic achievement.