Fire Science Program Overview

Firefighting is one of the most demanding, fulfilling and rewarding professions there is.  Every city and town around the world relies on firefighters to keep them safe, mitigate emergencies, and educate their citizens in fire prevention.  Whether an emergency be fire or EMS-related, rest assured that there will be graduates from this program on the scene. Graduates have two options moving forward after they complete this degree.  They can either seek employment or transfer to a four-year institution. The program is recognized by the United States Fire Administration through the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Program.

LRCC is a FESHE Certified Institution

The Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FEHSE) Recognition certificate is an acknowledgement that the collegiate emergency services degree program meets the minimum standards of excellence established by FESHE professional development committees and the National Fire Academy (NFA).

Career Opportunities

  • Firefighter

Program Outcomes

The student who successfully completes this program will:

  • Be prepared for employment in a fire department;
  • Understand policies and procedures involving firefighter and EMT safety;
  • Understand procedures used on and off an emergency scene;
  • Understand psychological factors associated with firefighting and emergency medical services.

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