September 27, 2023

Nick Curro’s remarkable journey from number crunching to future lifesaver in the world of emergency medicine is an inspiring tale of reinvention and the pursuit of a more meaningful career.

Nick’s days initially revolved around numbers and spreadsheets as an accountant, but after five years of corporate life, he couldn’t ignore the yearning for something more meaningful. This led him to enlist in the Army National Guard, where he discovered a newfound passion for service.

After graduating from basic combat training, Nick decided to pursue a career in firefighting, inspired by his father’s three-decade-long commitment to volunteering in this industry. He chose to study at Lakes Region Community College (LRCC), known for its esteemed Fire Science Program. Nick’s determination paid off as he earned his spot in the program. While taking the Fire Science program’s EMT course, Nick discovered a passion for emergency medicine and was introduced to his future.

Nick successfully completed his EMT and AEMT certifications and is set to graduate with a Fire Science degree from LRCC. However, this is just the beginning of his journey. Nick’s next stop is NHTI, where he plans to pursue a full associate degree in Paramedic studies. Thanks to his military benefits, he’s able to navigate his academic pursuits without the burden of tuition fees.

“I hated being an accountant. Now I am on a path where every day is different, and I will be literally saving people’s lives. I know this is what I was meant to do. The faculty at LRCC truly cares about your success and gives you the opportunity to experience hands-on training that would be used in the real world”, said Nick on his past and his experiences at LRCC.

When Nick is not in class, you’ll find him working as an Emergency Trauma Technician at Lawrence General Hospital, making a difference in the lives of patients during critical moments. He also dedicates his time to volunteering for Sonshine Soup Kitchen and caring for his ninety-six-year-old grandfather, embodying his commitment to community and family.

Nick Curro’s journey reminds us that following our passions can lead to fulfilling and unconventional career paths. As he prepares to graduate, his story serves as a testament to the power of resilience and self-discovery. His journey from a desk job to a fulfilling career in emergency medicine is a reminder that it’s worth exploring alternative paths when traditional ones no longer satisfy your soul.

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