Dining Room Management I

This course presents an in-depth analysis of dining room personnel as well as menu planning, styles of service, and customer service responsibilities. A six-hour working lab will take place where students will set and serve in a student-run restaurant that is open to the public. A discussion of wines and wine service is included.

Introduction to Worldwide Cuisine

The student will apply concepts and skills learned and expand knowledge of the restaurant setting. A six-hour lab will focus on international cuisine. Costing, purchasing, menu terminology, quality recipe production and kitchen organization are covered. Students will continue to operate a restaurant that is open to the public. (Prerequisite: CULA151L or Permission of Instructor)

Independent Study

Students in an independent study option will engage in learning about a topic of special interest and/or need. A written report on the topic of the independent study is required. The instructor and the department chair must approve subject matter. (Prerequisite: A matriculated student, permission of department chair and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0)

Bartending I

This course includes a basic overview of mixology, serving mixed drinks, equipping, maintaining and service in a bar setting. Serving liquor outside the regular bar settings, and beverage systems will be covered.