Health Information Technology III

This course will introduce students to healthcare cybersecurity. Students will learn about the importance of certification for Healthcare IT products and systems. They will learn to identify commonly used IT terms and technologies, install and configure hardware drivers and devices, and troubleshoot and solve common PC problems within the healthcare environment. They will be introduced […]

Health Information Technologies II

This course will introduce students to the Electronic Health Record (HER) and the way it is used within Healthcare today. Students will learn how to employ usability engineering methods in designing and implementing Healthcare IT functions. They will learn about Clinical Decision Support and why it is important and they will come to understand Healthcare […]

Health Information Technologies I

This course provides students with an overview of today’s Healthcare system in the United States. It will introduce to students the ways Healthcare IT is being used to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of care in all healthcare environments. It will help students to learn about the key issues driving Healthcare reform in the […]