General Motors ASEP delivers advanced service training, rigorous academic coursework, and real-world work experiences to provide students with the best possible preparation for a career as an automotive service technician.

  • As a student in the General Motors ASEP program, you’ll get to earn while you learn, alternating between classroom training and hands on work experience at a sponsoring GM dealership.
  • You’ll be working with the most advanced technology in the industry, gain a competitive advantage over untrained technicians, and gain an accelerated path to a lifetime career.
  • Graduates who successfully complete the 21-month cooperative education Automotive Service Education Program will receive an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Automotive Technology and credits toward GM Master Certification in all areas.
  • Once accepted into GM ASEP, you will intern with an employer who is interested in employing you. While no program or college can guarantee a job, most GM ASEP graduates gain employment at their sponsoring employer after graduation. In fact, many GM ASEP colleges report 100% placement upon graduation.

GM ASEP fulfills two goals in providing the best possible education for GM Technicians

  1. The program combines state-of-the-art technical training with appropriate academic coursework and dealership experience.
  2. Filling an industry need with well-educated and motivated technicians capable of continued growth in a technologically dynamic field.

LRCC’s rolling admissions policy does not apply to GM ASEP

  • The GM ASEP degree program has a limited number of spaces; therefore, students will be selected after careful consideration of their academic record, scores on the placement exam and an interview with the Automotive Department. All candidates for this program must take the College’s placement exam and must secure a GM dealer sponsor prior to an admissions decision.

Career Opportunities

  • Automotive Technician
  • Service Consultant
  • Service Manager
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Franchise shop
  • Ownership
  • Possible pathways to teaching/instructing

Potential Salary

  • Entry Level $35K-53K
  • Mid-Range $54K-75K
  • Experienced $76K-100K

First Year Fall Semester

Course Number Title Lecture Lab Credits
AUTO121L Automotive Systems 2 9 5
AUTO128L GM Automotive Electricity 2 8 4
ENGL100L English Composition 4 0 4
ESNT120L College Essentials 1 0 1
Social Science Elective 3 0 3
Total 12 17 17

First Year Winter Semester

Course Number Title Lecture Lab Credits
AUTO170L GM Cooperative Education I 0 12 4
Total 0 12 4

First Year Spring Semester

Course Number Title Lecture Lab Credits
AUTO225L GM Chassis Systems 2 8 4
AUTO126L GM Engine and Engine Related Electrical Systems 2 9 5
ENGL124L Business Communications 3 0 3
Mathematics Elective 4 0 4
Total 11 17 16

First Year Summer Semester I

Course Number Title Lecture Lab Credits
AUTO200L GM Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning 2 8 3
AUTO211L GM Supplemental Inflatable Restraint & Accessories 2 8 3
Total 4 16 6

First Year Summer Semester II

Course Number Title Lecture Lab Credits
AUTO176L GM Cooperative Education II 0 6 2
Total 0 6 2

Second Year Fall Semester

Course Number Title Lecture Lab Credits
AUTO275L GM Cooperative Education III 0 12 4
Total 0 12 4

Second Year Winter Semester

Course Number Title Lecture Lab Credits
AUTO222L GM Drive Trains 2 9 4
AUTO134L GM Fuel and Emissions 2 8 4
PHYS128L Introduction to Physical Sciences 3 3 4
Humanities/Fine Arts/Foreign Language Elective 3 0 3
Total 10 20 16

Second Year Spring Semester

Course Number Title Lecture Lab Credits
AUTO282L GM Cooperative Education IV 0 12 4
Total 0 12 4
Total Credits for First Year: 45
Total Credits for Second Year: 24
Total Credits: 69
A candidate for ASEP must:
  • Have a high school degree or equivalent;
  • Interview with one of the automotive faculty;
  • Be sponsored by a General Motors dealership/AC Delco Professional Service Center;
  • Have command of the English language
  • Have reading comprehension skills sufficient to read and comprehend service literature;
  • Have communication skills sufficient to prepare required reports;
  • Be able to understand and follow both written and oral instructions;
  • Be able to complete requirements for college level classes;
  • Have sufficient vision to distinguish colors, read gauges, scopes, diagnostic equipment and information from a computer screen (adaptive equipment acceptable);
  • Have sufficient hearing to distinguish various sounds and noises (adaptive equipment acceptable);
  • Have the ability to stand for extended periods of time and the physical strength to lift automotive parts and equipment;
  • Have sufficient dexterity to perform manual skills related to automotive service;
  • Be able to work in an automotive service facility environment;
  • Maintain a valid driver’s license;
  • Be able to purchase the minimum required tools.
The student who successfully completes this program will:
  • Have skills necessary to service and maintain GM vehicles and the integrated systems used on these vehicles;
  • Have the skills necessary to diagnose and repair GM vehicles and the integrated systems used on these vehicles;
  • Have the skills necessary to develop and maintain a training path for continued growth using GM Service Technology College (GMSTC).
  • Be able to maintain, repair and diagnose the integrated systems used on modern GM vehicles
  • Tool List (PDF)
  • Tool Cost: $3500.00- $4500.00 (based on vendor)
  • In-State $16, 916.00 (Maine, NH and VT)
  • Out of State $36, 212.00


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Program Contact

Sharon Cardarelli


Jamie Decato