May 24, 2024

At Lakes Region Community College (LRCC), the Automotive programs drive students toward success and recognition, showcasing the remarkable achievements of both the programs and their students. This year, two of the three valedictorians at LRCC hailed from the Automotive programs, highlighting these future industry leaders’ exceptional commitment and academic prowess.

Eva Liptak, from the TOYOTA-T-TEN program, and Brandon Shannon, from the General Motors—ASEP program, were honored as valedictorians alongside Julie Paquet from the Liberal Arts program. These students not only exemplify the dedication and hard work that define the educational experience at LRCC, but their achievements have a significant impact on the local community and the automotive industry.

Brandon Shannon: A Commitment to Excellence

Brandon Shannon’s journey through the GM—ASEP program at LRCC has been marked by exceptional dedication and the acquisition of practical skills. Brandon completed his internship at Key Motors in South Burlington, VT, and will join the service team full-time after graduation. His ambition to own his own repair shop underscores his passion and determination in the automotive field.

“His approach to learning is head-on; he takes his profession seriously and understands the value of building a strong educational foundation to complement his excellent technical ability. He strives for perfection and is never satisfied with ‘good enough,’” praised Jamie Decato, Chair of Transportation Technologies.

Eva Liptak: A Trailblazer in the Industry

With a passion for automotive technology, Eva has excelled in every aspect of her studies. She’s not just a student; she’s a trailblazer, mastering skills in Hybrid/Electric vehicles and advanced engine performance. She has earned ASEs L1 and L3, which many experienced technicians have difficulty passing. On her way to becoming a Lexus Master Technician, Eva stands out as a leader in her field.

Eva was one of only 14 women from the Boston Region selected to participate in the inaugural Female Technician Roundtable for Toyota & Lexus, highlighting her dedication and expertise. Her talents continue to shine at Lexus of Manchester in Bedford, where she works as a Service Technician.

A Community of Success

In 2024, LRCC proudly graduated 20 students with degrees and certificates in Automotive Technology. The General Motors—ASEP program saw 24 ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) professional automotive technician certifications, including two who achieved Master Technician status by completing certification in 8 ASE categories. The TOYOTA-T-TEN program celebrated an astounding 67 ASE certifications, with six of the nine graduates reaching the Master Technician level and three of those six conquering advanced level tests for Advanced Engine Performance (L1) and Advanced Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology (L3), marking the highest achievement in the Eastern District for T-TEN. These students were recognized by Toyota and awarded polo shirts, jackets, and specialized tooling for their outstanding performance.

LRCC’s commitment to providing in-state tuition rates for all students further underscores its dedication to making high-quality education accessible. With outstanding programs, dedicated faculty, and an environment that fosters success, LRCC continues to lead in producing top-tier professionals.

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