College Algebra

This is a comprehensive course that includes the graphs and solutions of linear, radical and quadratic equations; graphs and solutions of linear, compound, absolute value, and nonlinear inequalities; exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphs; systems of equations in 2 and 3 variables, including solutions using matrices; rational exponents; and an introduction to trigonometry. A […]

Essentials of Algebra

This course includes a study of linear equations and their graphs, linear inequalities, an introduction to functions and their graphs, absolute value equations and inequalities, systems of equations in 2 and 3 variables, operations with polynomials, rational expressions, rational exponents, and an introduction to solving quadratic equations. A grade of C or better must be […]

Technical Algebra & Geometry

This course is intended for technical students and introduces concepts from algebra, geometry, and trigonometry that will facilitate the solution of applied problems which could be encountered in technical fields. Topics include measurement, absolute and relative error, linear equations, roots, plane and solid geometric figures and their areas/volumes, finding missing dimensions of plane and solid […]

Boolean Algebra

This course relates principles of Boolean Algebra directly to elementary circuit analysis. It includes an examination of the decimal, octal, binary, and hexadecimal number systems. The use of NOT, AND, OR, XOR, NAND, and NOR in logic statements, as well as in simple circuit analysis, is covered. (Prerequisite: Competence as demonstrated on math placement exam)

Quantitative Reasoning

This course is designed to expose the student to a wide range of general mathematics. Problem solving and critical thinking skills, along with the use of technology, will be emphasized and reinforced throughout the course as the student becomes actively involved solving applied problems. Topics to be covered include: Number Theory and Systems, Functions and […]

Math Prep

This course provides an extensive review of basic arithmetic and algebra concepts. Topics covered include operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals; percent; properties of real numbers; solving linear equations and inequalities; interpreting and solving application problems; graphing linear equations and inequalities; exponents, scientific notation; polynomials, factoring; and measurement in both the U.S. customary and […]