Advanced Marine Systems

This course will provide students diagnostic and advanced repair skill on marine engines, electrical/electronic systems, and other related subjects necessary for modern marine technicians. Successful completion of this course reflects the student credentialed as certified marine technician.(Prerequisite: Marine Diagnostic and Repair certificate with minimum 2.0 GPA)

Outboard Engine Diagnostics and Repair

This course reviews two and four cycle engine theory emphasizing the application of fuel injection systems. Topics of theory include; cooling systems, fuel systems, powerheads and power transfer unites. Students learn to use the diagnostic software needed to evaluate components in these advanced systems. (Prerequisite: MAR126L with a C or better)

Inboard Engine Diagnostics and Repair

This course will cover theory and repair of stern drive engine systems such as internal engine, fueling, and electrical systems. Diagnostics skills will be developed as each system and its repair process is thoroughly examined. (Pre-requisite: MAR127L with C or better.)

Marine Drive Systems Diagnostics and Repair

This course examines the maintenance, diagnostics and repair procedures for common marine stern drive engine packages. Drive-by-wire systems will be explored in depth along with maintenance and service procedures related to inboard engine transmissions. (Pre-requisite: MAR121L with C or better)

Independent Study

Students in an independent study option will engage in learning about a topic of special interest and/or need. (Prerequisite: Approval of instructor, advisor, and department chair)

Marine Electrical Systems

This course focuses on theory, principles and measurements of AC and DC electricity and electronics are covered. Setup, Maintenance and diagnostic procedures for common inboard, stern drive, outboard starting and charging systems. Schematic and conventional wiring diagram interpretation allows the student to become familiar with common 12-volt marine electrical systems, such as helm harnesses, gauge […]

Outboard Engine Maintenance

Entry level fundamentals of recreational marine industry operations to include; but not limited to, model identification, service support literature, rigging and maintenance procedures for warranty support. (Prerequisite: MAR 121L with a C or better)

Marine Maintenance and Fundamentals

This course provides basic theoretical and foundational principles of two and four cycle engines along with development of common maintenance procedures specific to trailers and marine power packages. Emphasis on basic service operations including safety, use of hand and power tools, marine hardware, service literature, and operating principles of marine power packages. Students will also […]