Compassionate Advocates for Reform & Empowerment

Who are we?

A non-profit organization created by students of Lakes Region Community College.

Our Purpose

To advocate to those within our communities. To support, aid, and empower not only communities as a whole but to individuals as well.

“Wherever the C.A.R.E. Society sees a need to advocate for those within the community, the C.A.R.E. Society will strive to support, aide, and empower by volunteering time, energy and empathy to those in need”

Membership is open to all who have a desire to help those in need throughout the community and surrounding communities by volunteering their time, energy and empathy.

Current officers and advisors:


Samantha Carrier

Vice President

Elizabeth Bailey


Summer Brown


Shannon Allain


Linda Ferruolo

For more information, contact Linda Ferruolo.