Getting Started with Office 365

All LRCC students have FREE access to Microsoft Office products, including  Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote!

This service is provided through Office 365, the cloud-based service used to access your LRCC email. This means you can access your LRCC email, files, and MS Office applications from any computer.

To use Office 365 and the Microsoft Office products, log into your email account at:

At the Outlook Web App, you will see this navigation bar at the top of your screen:

Click on SkyDrive. From here, you can create new documents in Microsoft Office applications and save them by clicking “new document” and choosing the type of file you want to create.

You can also access existing files by clicking “file” at the top left of your screen, then “upload document” (see image below). Or you can drag files from your local  computer into the SkyDrive window.  


Files within the SkyDrive can be shared with anyone you choose by merely clicking the “. . .” button to the right of the file (see image below), then clicking SHARE in the menu that comes up. You then enter the email addresses of people you wish to share the file with.

    Other key features of Office 365:
  • The SkyDrive (which is being renamed to OneDrive in the near future) is an online cloud storage service, which allows users to create, store, edit, and share files and documents.
  • When you click a file in your SkyDrive, it will automatically launch the associated Microsoft Office application to edit that file. 

These are the most common features, but there are a few others such as Lync Web Conferencing, SkyDrive data synchronization, and more. For more information on Office 365 and its features, as well as Getting Started guides and documentation, go to: http:/


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