In addition to Residential Energy Efficiency Trainings, the Building Operator Certification program and NH Rural Renewables Lakes Region Community College has several other energy programs:

Button Up Home Energy Savings Workshops

LRCC’s Andy Duncan is a presenter and technical consultant for the Button Up series of workshops.  These are short presentations aimed at homeowners who want to reduce their household energy use.  The workshops are sponsored by the NHSaves consortium of New Hampshire energy utilities.  See Button Up program implementer PAREI for information about upcoming workshops, and a copy of the Button Up slides.

Commercial Energy Efficiency 1-Day Trainings

LRCC has offered short commercial energy efficiency trainings in locations around New Hampshire, with NHSaves sponsorship.  Most trainings are reasonably priced 1-day workshops, including breakfast, lunch and a training binder.  Trainings have included: “Energy Efficiency for Commercial Building Managers;”  “Efficient Heating for Commercial Building Managers;”  and “Energy Efficiency for Restaurants and Hospitality.” Contact us if you are interesting in a training in your area.

Solar 101 Workshops

These U.S. DOE-sponsored workshops helped build demand for and reduce the soft costs of grid-tied solar PV installations.  

The NH Residential Solar 101 workshop targets NH residential property owners who are considering generating electricity from the sun on their property.  The workshop covers:

  • PV fundamentals
  • Panel placement
  • Permitting and grid interconnection
  • Financing and incentives
  • Installer selection

A PDF of the NH Residential Solar 101 (PDF) slides is available for download.

The Solar 101 for NH Municipal Officials targets New Hampshire municipal officials, so that municipalities can reduce costs and simplify the process of implementing residential solar PV installations in their communities.  Topics include:

  • Planning and zoning
  • Permitting PV solar
  • Codes and inspections
  • Municipal PV installations

A PDF of the Solar 101 for NH Municipal Officials (PDF)​ workshop slides is available for download.

For more information about LRCC energy programs:

Andy Duncan, Energy Training Manager