Listed are non-credit and low-credit trainings offered by LRCC.  See also the LRCC College Catalog and Academic Programs for listing of credit-bearing classes and associated degree programs. 

Automotive technicians will sharpen their skills and prepare for the State of New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection test through a combination of online exercises and hands-on practice.

Target Audience: Those preparing for the NH Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection certification test. 

Next Class Starts:  TBD, 2022 ||    Prerequisites:  NH auto technician*  ||  Format: Face-to-face lab and online

Course #:  NCWK 545L CRN: TBD   || Contact Hours:  8    ||    Tuition:  $150

Contact for more information: Jamie Decato

Description: Reduce energy costs with the nationally recognized Building Operator Certification training program. For building facilities staff, the BOC I and BOC II courses will help you implement improvements to increase building energy efficiency and improve occupant productivity. 
Target Audience: Commercial facilities staff
Next Class: BOC I – August – Nov., 2022 ||  Prerequisites: Commercial building management professional  ||  Format: Combination of face-to-face and virtual classes

Course #: NCWK 940L  ||  CRN #:   ||  Contact Hours: 56 (8 days)  ||  Tuition: $1,600

Tuition 50% cost-share awards may be available for eligible NH commercial customers.  For more information contact: Andy Duncan


LRCC offers Building Performance Institute (BPI) trainings and certification testing for Building Analyst and other BPI certifications.  The next Building Analyst energy auditor course will be over seven days, April 14 – May 5, 2022.  The next written certification exam session will be April 29, 2022, with field exams in mid-May.  A Fast-Track Review module is also available.

Target Audience:  Energy auditor trainees and other energy professionals

Next Class:  Building Analyst energy auditor starting April 14, 2022  ||  Format:  TBD   ||    Course #: NCWK 9000L (training only)     ||  CRN: 20001   ||  Contact Hours: 51    ||   Tuition: $1,200 for training, $800 for written and field testing

For more information contact: Andy Duncan


The Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Science Principles (BSP) program is an introduction to residential buildings as energy systems.  Topics include the building envelope, heat flows and insulation, heating and cooling systems, air movement, ventilation, moisture, and energy efficiency strategies.  This course package includes: (1) a BSP Reference Guide;  (2) online BSP review materials;  and (3) access to the BSP Certificate of Knowledge online exam.

Building Science Principles is also available as a twelve-hour virtual class (NCWK902L) in addition to the resources above.

Click here for further description (PDF). 

Target Audience: Beginning energy professionals, students, energy administrative staff and customer service professionals.

Next Class Starts:  As needed- Spring, Summer and Fall terms    ||    Prerequisites:  Internet access  ||  Format: Online

Course #: NCWK 9043L  || Contact Hours:  Approximately 15 ||    Tuition:  $300

For more information contact: Andy Duncan

Registration available as needed


Learn essential skills to operate CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines in a fast-paced manufacturing environment.  Successful participants are in high demand by area manufacturers!

Target Audience:  Entry-level manufacturing employees or prospects seeking workforce skills in CNC operations.

Next Class: TBA October, 2022    ||    Prerequisites:  None*  ||  Format:  Face-to-face classroom and lab

Course #:  NCWK 600L    ||  CRN:  TBA  ||  Contact Hours:  144    ||    Tuition:  $2,500   

For more information contact: Joseph Smith

Register Now!  Contact the LRCC Registrar’s Office to register.

Become a certified Emergency Medical Technician with LRCC’s Basic and Advanced EMT courses.

Become a Licensed Nursing Assistant through LRCC’s LNA program.  It is a great way to start in the medical field.  LRCC has LNA classes in Spring, Summer and Fall terms.  Ask us how to get your LNA tuition paid for.

View LNA Program Information

See above CNC Operator Boot Camp and Advanced Manufacturing Program.

Prepare to be a certified Medical Assistant, assisting physicians with administrative and clinical responsibilities of a medical office.  The Medical Assistant Certificate program includes 320 hours of classroom instruction, and 160 hours of clinical practicum at local medical offices. Upon completion of the program, students will be eligible to sit for the NHA Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) national exam.

Medical Assistant Program Information

Target Audience: Individuals age 18+ with high school diploma or HiSet who seek a career in healthcare. 

Next Class Starts:  September 19, 2022  ||    Prerequisites: See Description ||  Format:  Primarily face-to-face classroom, lab and clinical practicum

Course #:  NCWK 200L  ||  CRN #: 10318  ||  Contact Hours:  480    ||    Estimated Costs:  $6,200  (including CCMA exam, uniforms, textbooks, etc.)

Ask about fully paid Medical Assistant apprenticeship opportunities with Concord Hospital- Laconia/Franklin.  Earn as you learn!

For more information, contact LRCC Medical Assistant Program Coordinator Donna Morgan

The WorkReadyNH program is a tuition-free program for job seekers that provides assessment, instruction and credentialing in key skill areas, identified by employers as essential to workplace success. Graduates earn two nationally recognized credentials to add to their resume.

Target Audience: Job seekers and career builders seeking to improve their employ ability skills.

Next Class Starts: Multiple classes available   ||    Prerequisites: working full time, part time, or unemployed and are NH Residents age 16+, Not a full-time student.  ||  Format:  Face-to-face and online

Contact Hours: 60    ||    Tuition:  Free to eligible candidates!

Contact for more information: Debbie Beauregard

Click the button to register for workforce trainings.  

*Contact training coordinator to ensure a good fit for this training.

Employers: Many of these trainings are eligible for a 50% tuition grant from NH Job Training Fund.

For more information about non-credit trainings at LRCC contact: Patrick Cate, Interim Workforce Development Coordinator

Tel: 603-366-5281