Please complete one of the forms below to register for your class or workshop. 
Please review the instructions prior to completing the form.

How to complete the registration form

Please enter the fields on the registration form. Not all fields require you to enter information; if the field is not required and you do not know what information to include, leave the field blank.

  • Student ID – If you are a current student and know your student identification number, please enter this onto the form.  If you are not a current student, leave this field blank.
  • Contact Information – Please enter complete contact information, using a home address.  A valid email address will be required to fully utilize LRCC’s online resources. 
  • CRN -The Course Reference Number (CRN) can be found next to the workshop offering.
  • Course Number – The Course Number is found to the right of the CRN.  It typically begins with three or four letters that describe the type of course (i.e., ENGL defines the course as an English course), a three- or four-digit number, and the letter “L” which signifies that this is a LRCC course. Example: ENGL 124L.  Non-credit courses all start with NCWK indicating that it is a Non-Credit Workshop.
  • Section – The section is listed to the right of the subject and course numbers. If you do not know the section code, you may skip it.
  • Course Title – The course title is found to the right of the section (SECT) on the schedules or described on the Trainings A-Z section on the website.
  • Credits – Credits (indicated by CR) describes the number of credits for the course. If your training or course is non-credit, leave this part blank, or enter N/C. 
  • Tuition – Skip this field; it does not need to be filled in
  • Signature – You will digitally sign this document.

If a third party will be paying for the cost of the course/workshop, please complete the Authorization to Release Student Information form to grant permission to release information about your account to the individual or organization.

Please navigate to Business Office webpage Business Office for more information regarding third party payer required documentation.

Withdrawing from a Credit-Bearing or Non-Credit Course

Credit bearing and non-credit (workshop) courses have different course withdrawal and refund policies.

Credit-bearing courses – Dropping credit-bearing courses with a refund will be determined by a pre-set schedule as outlined on the current academic calendar

Non-credit courses – For a tuition refund, students must withdraw from non-credit “workshop” courses no later than three business days prior to the start of the course.  There are no partial refunds.