The General Studies degree is a flexible program of study allowing students to develop a program meeting their individual professional and academic goals. This flexibility allows students to combine assessment of prior learning/work experience, with focused coursework in one or two major areas of study to build a pathway meeting their degree requirements. The General Studies degree is also perfect for the student wanting to build transfer credits for a degree major other than those offered at LRCC. With proper planning and course selection, the entire 64 credits in the General Studies program will transfer to the desired four-year program.

General Studies & Nursing Program

Students working on completing general education requirements while awaiting admission to the Nursing program should select General Studies. Students awaiting admission to the Nursing Program are recommended to take courses that are pre-requisites or co-requisites of the Nursing Program requirements.  Students must achieve a minimum grade of “C” in all pre-requisite or co-requisite courses. These courses include:

  • ENGL100L English Composition
  • ESNT1200L College Essentials
  • BIOL1450L Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIOL1460L Anatomy & Physiology II
  • BIOL2410L Microbiology
  • PSYC1250L Introduction to Psychology
  • PSYC1260L Human Growth and Development
  • PHIL2270L Ethics Issues
  • Mathematics Elective (MATH2160L Statistics recommended)
  • English Elective

In addition to these courses, if a student has not completed the Nursing Program admissions requirement of successful completion of high school or college algebra, chemistry with lab and biology with lab classes, all with a minimum grade of “C” or higher, then students should work with their academic advisor to select courses that will meet this requirement.  Please note that these three admissions requirements must be completed prior to the application due date.

Individually Tailored

Since the General Studies program is individually tailored and allows for exploration of options not provided within existing LRCC degree programs, it is imperative that the student formulate and identify his/her own career and/or transfer goals with the assistance of your General Studies advisor. 

This self-designed degree requires a total of 64 credits, with a minimum of 32 credits in the major-related or core courses. All college policies, including residence credits, apply to this degree. 


First Year
Fall Semester

Course NumberTitleLecture
ENGL100LEnglish Composition4
ESNT120LCollege Essentials1
 Computer Elective3
 Major/Related Courses6
 Mathematics Elective3

First Year
Spring Semester

Course NumberTitleLecture
 English Elective3
 Humanities/Fine Arts/Foreign Language Elective3
 Major/Related Courses9
 Science Elective4

Second Year
Fall Semester

Course NumberTitleLecture
 Liberal Arts Elective3
 Major/Related Courses9
 Social Science Elective3

Second Year
Spring Semester

Course NumberTitleLecture
 Open Elective3
 Liberal Arts Elective3
 Major/Related Courses9
Total Credits for First Year: 36
Total Credits for Second Year: 30
Total Credits for A.S. Degree: 66

Graduates of the LRCC program will meet expected outcomes including the ability to:

  • Demonstrate integrity, responsibility, perseverance and tolerance of ambiguity through the acquisition of knowledge and skills for leadership, further education and team work;
  • Communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally;
  • Demonstrate a process for evaluating information rationally and consistently;
  • Demonstrate scientific thought both quantitatively and qualitatively by learning to recognize and formulate questions for analysis of human and technical problems.

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