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Rural Health Careers Scholarship Program Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rural Health Careers Scholarship Fund?

The Rural Health Careers Scholarship Fund provides scholarship assistance to individuals currently employed by a rural healthcare organization to help them continue their education and advance their career.

The Rural Health Careers scholarships are funded through the US Department of Labor’s H-1B Rural Healthcare Workforce Development grant program. The goal of this program is to address healthcare workforce shortages in rural communities across the country by creating and providing access to sustainable employment and training programs in healthcare occupations. Dartmouth-Hitchcock was one of several organizations across the country to receive a grant award. 

Who is eligible for a scholarship?

Applicants for this scholarship must meet both of the following criteria:

  1. Be employed by an employer partner of the Rural Health Careers grant program.
  1. Be pursuing continued education from an education partner of the grant that leads to advancement in one of these US DOL targeted career fields:
    • Nursing
    • LNA
    • Medical Assistant

How much scholarship money is available per student?

For the fall semester of 2022, students will receive up to $1,250 per enrollment period, for a cumulative total of $5,000.  For certificate or licensure programs, students receive up to the total cost of their program, not to exceed $2,500 per calendar year. Scholarship amounts and terms may change over the grant period based on need. 


How do students apply for the grant?

Students will apply directly through the education provider/school. Students must be employed by an employer partner of the grant program, and be attending a program in one of the targeted US DOL career fields at an education partner of the grant program. 

The application process is straightforward. Students can expect to describe their education plans in one of the targeted career fields and provide proof of current employment with an employer partner of the grant program. Proof of employment may be in the form of a current pay stub or a letter from their employer. If selected for an award, students will then complete the grant enrollment process in order to have funds dispersed. 

Which rural health care employers are included in the grant?

RHC Employer Partners (Updated 2.1.22)

• Alice Peck Day

• Bi State Primary Care Association

• Cheshire Medical Center

• Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital

• New London Hospital

• North Country Healthcare

• Bear Mountain Healthcare (Hanover Terrace)

• Senior Helpers

• Cottage Hospital

• Memorial Hospital

The list of employer partners is expected to grow over the life of the grant. For a list of current grant partner employers, please email

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

We would be happy to discuss the Rural Health Careers grant with you further. Please contact us at