Project Running Start

A Collaboration between the Community College System of New Hampshire and Secondary Education Institutions

Running Start allows qualified high school teachers the opportunity to offer college-level courses to students in the high school environment. Their close collaboration with our college professors and teachers allows interested high school students to get a running start and earn college credits for a mere $150.00, which is 80% less than the current cost of a 3-credit course in the CCSNH System. Many of these college credits are transferring to post-secondary schools all around the nation.
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  - Contact Running Start Coordinator, Wayne Fraser 603-366-5272

College Accommodations for Declared High School Students

All high school students presently attending classes at Lakes Region Community College in Laconia, can receive college accommodations when they have disclosed their diagnosed condition to the Disability Coordinator and produced the appropriate documentation that will validate said condition. The reasonable accommodations that are written for students taking college level classes are determined by the Disability Coordinator after reviewing the appropriate documents.

In college level classes, the curriculum is not modified to meet the needs of the high school students. Those students are expected to demonstrate the same level of understanding of course material as all other students in the class. High school IEP's/504's are not incorporated at the college level. However, to ensure success for these students, they are urged to meet with the college Disability Coordinator before they begin the college course in order to determine what reasonable accommodations will apply and what resources are available.

For further information, call 603-366-5270