Liaison Resources

Belmont High School
Julie Haubrich. 267-6525

Franklin High School
Jule Finley . 934-3462

Gilford High School
Lori Jewett. 524-7135

Inter-Lakes High School
Holly Vieten . 279-6162

Kingswood Regional High School and LR Technology Center
Kathy Tetrault 569-4361

Laconia High School
Don Mullen 524-3350

J. Olivia Huot Tech Center
Sharon  Dela Vergne. 528-8693

Lin-Wood High School
Shawn Quinn. 745-2214

Newfound Regional High School
Monica Jackson. 744-6006

Plymouth Regional High School
Randi Cleary. 536-1444

Prospect Mountain High School
Justin Carloni. 875-3800

Winnisquam Regional High School
Samantha Ratacik. 286-4531

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