Frequently Asked Questions

What is Running Start?

The Running Start program is a concurrent enrollment program that provides high school students with the opportunity to earn college credit while also completing the requirements for high school graduation.  

The Running Start program is a partnership between the Community Colleges of New Hampshire and high schools that enables high school students to take college courses at their high school, during the regular school day, for both high school and college credit.     

Last year, nearly 5,000 high school students enrolled in CCSNH college courses offered at more than 80 participating high schools.

What Are the Advantages?      

  • Gain experience in college-level work and expectations
  • Receive college and high school credit simultaneously
  • Earn college credits at a fraction of the cost of college tuition
  • Credits may be transferred into many other colleges/universities across the country
  • Many courses offered through Running Start meet the criteria for the NH Scholars Program
  • Running Start students who apply to CCSNH degree programs will have their CCSNH application fee waived

What Does it Cost?

Tuition is $150 per course, plus books and supplies if not provided by the high school. Scholarships, which cover the cost of tuition, are available for students with a financial need.

Who is Eligible?

Course offerings are restricted to juniors and seniors.  Exceptions to this policy require prior approval      from the appropriate college faculty department head.  Further restrictions may apply as determined by the college.  For information regarding the eligibility requirements of a specific course, contact the Guidance Counselor at your high school.   

Are There Assessment Tests?

To enroll in some English or Math courses, students may be required to take a placement assessment test.  These tests are offered at the college or high school for a nominal fee.

Who Are the Instructors?

High school faculty teach the courses. These teachers meet or exceed the hiring qualifications for CCSNH faculty, and are partnered with a CCSNH faculty member.

What Courses Are Available?

Talk to the high school guidance counselor to learn what courses are offered at your school.

How Does a Student Register?  

To register for college credit, students must complete a registration form, have it signed by a parent or guardian, and submit it with payment by the specified deadline (usually early October for fall courses and early March for spring courses).  Registration forms may be obtained from teachers at the beginning of each semester. Students cannot retroactively enroll in a college course.  All college prerequisites must be met.  

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