Course Description - Social Sciences

SOSC1240L Introduction to Sociology (3 Credits)
Our daily lives are affected, consciously and unconsciously, by social forces and influences of which we are largely unaware. This introductory course to sociology, the scientific study of society, explores and uncovers these hidden factors behind the behaviors and attitudes of individuals, groups and societies.

SOSC1280L Chemical Dependency (3 Credits)
This course examines chemical dependency and substance abuse issues including etiology, diagnosis and treatment, the effect of alcohol and drugs on the body, family dynamics of addiction, and special topics selected by students.

SOSC1420L Introduction to World Geography (3 Credits)
An introduction to the physical, cultural and cartographic aspects of the earth’s regions, this course is designed to assist students in their understanding of social, political and economic development. Topics covered are location, movement, connection and interaction of populations in Europe, Australia, Pacific areas, South Asia, North, Central and South America, Middle East and Africa.

SOSC2210L Organizational Behavior (3 Credits)
Coursework involves the students developing an understanding of how working together and leading people in organizations leads to the maintenance of healthy future organizations. It includes the challenges of leadership.

SOSC2250L Critical Thinking and Decision Making (3 Credits)
This course focuses on the development of critical thinking skills through analysis and critique. Influences and problems associated with reason and the thinking process are explored, while strategies to develop reason-based decision making are also covered.

SOSC2280L Human Sexuality (3 Credits)
Students learn about sexuality from a developmental perspective, focusing on stages of growth and development. Personal attitudes, values and controversial social issues related to sexuality are examined and discussed. Upon completion of this course, students will better understand the individual and social impact of human sexuality on thought, feeling and behavior.

SOSC2310L Microeconomics (3 Credits)
This course provides an introduction to the economic concepts that are studied in microeconomics. Students gain an understanding of how consumer and producer decision making forms the basis of supply and demand and how the price system operates within a market economy to allocate scarce resources among unlimited wants.

SOSC2320L Macroeconomics (3 Credits)
This course provides an introduction and framework to the economic concepts that are studied in macroeconomics. Emphasis is placed on the following topics: physical and financial markets, national income accounting, savings and investment, business cycles, economic growth, inflation, unemployment, money and the central bank, and the role that government plays in the economy.

SOSC2350L Children, Youth and Families (3 Credits)
Students are provided an introduction to families from a sociological and systems perspective. The interplay between families and the larger society is the background against which the phenomena of childhood, adolescence and parenting are examined. Topics include, but are not limited to, poverty, delinquency, disability, aging, self-determination, community supports and interventions.