Course Description - Psychology

PSYC1250L Introduction to Psychology (3 Credits)
Various areas of psychology, including scientific investigation, motivation, personality, psychological testing, behavioral deviation, perception, learning and human development are studied.

PSYC1260L Human Growth and Development (3 Credits)
This course surveys physiological, mental and emotional development over the human life span. Using the central concepts of epigenetic stages and interaction with the environment, the course identifies the main trends of human development and explores the needs and typical responses of persons at each stage.

PSYC2000L Educational Psychology (3 Credits)
Psychological principles are applied to the learning environment. Theories of learning, memory, cognition, and behavior management are discussed in relation to formal education. (Prerequisites: PSYC1250L or LPSY1250 and PSYC1260L or LPSY1260 which may be taken concurrently)

PSYC2200L Abnormal Psychology (3 Credits)
This course is an introduction to the categories, causes and methods of treatment of the major forms of psychopathology: neurosis, psychosis, personality disorders, addictions, sexual deviations, psychophysiological problems. (Prerequisite: PSYC1250L or LPSY1250) (Fall 2011)

PSYC2240L Crisis Psychology (3 Credits)
This course covers the basic concepts and theories of human behavior with emphasis on the neurological and biological effects of stress. Traumatic situations such as death and dying, suicide, drug abuse, assaults, and large scale disasters are covered. (Prerequisite: PSYC1250L or LPSY1250)