Course Description - Politics

POLS2220L Current Social and Political Issues (3 Credits)

Students learn to understand and analyze important and current events, as well as social, cultural and political issues. Due to the rapid rate of change in our society, specific issues vary depending on what is currently "newsworthy". General topics, however, include foreign affairs and policy, civil rights and liberties, crime and punishment, economic and welfare issues, political and social reform, gender issues, racial and ethnic disharmony, and other current "hot" issues in American life. Class members not only learn how to understand "both sides of an issue" they also learn how to better articulate their own positions.

POLS2310L American Government (3 Credits)

This introductory course in government examines the relationship between government, politics and power. Students discuss how people in a representative democracy can effect change in government to address current and future needs.

POLS2350L Constitutional Law (3 Credits)

Constitutional law is an inquiry into constitutional interpretation by the Supreme Court based on examination of leading cases. Particular emphasis is placed on questions of federalism, executive power, civil liberties, and economic regulation. This course is designed to be preparation for students interested in going into law, law enforcement, public service, business, and political science. Students will conduct research, generate case briefs, participate in classroom debates, perform oral arguments, and present on contemporary legal issues. (Prerequisites: A grade of B or better in POLS2310L or LPOL2310 or equivalent high school-level Citizenship or its equivalent.) (9/2013)