Course Description - Marine Technology

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MAR1200L Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics (4 Credits)

Theory, principles and measurements of DC and AC electricity and electronics are covered. Schematic and conventional wiring diagram interpretation allows the student to become familiar with common 12-volt marine electrical systems. Hands-on troubleshooting includes various gauge, trim, battery, lighting, ignition feed, dash, engine, accessory, lanyard, relay and other systems found in small craft.

MAR1220L Basic Service Operations (4 Credits)

This course covers basic service shop operations including safety, use of hand and power tools, use of marine hardware, service literature, identification and operating principles of marine power packages, and common maintenance procedures. Topics included; but not limited to, are shop practices and safety, minor service procedures, engine model identification, service literature fuel systems and steering systems. Students are responsible for the additional fee associated with the NH Marine Patrol Boater Safety Course as part of Basic Service Operations. See instructor for details.

MAR1230L Outboard Engine Service I (4 Credits)

Entry level fundamentals of recreational marine industry operations to include; but not limited to, model identification, service support literature, rigging and maintenance procedures for warranty support. (Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in MAR1220L or LMAR1220 or permission of instructor)

MAR1240L Starting, Ignition, & Charging Systems (4 Credits)

This course will concentrate on theory, setup, maintenance and diagnostic procedures for common inboard and stern drive, starting, charging and ignition systems. Diagnostic exercises include battery point, Delco EST, Thunderbolt IV & V, MEFI and PCM EFI, Wastefire and other common marine ignition systems. (Prerequisite: A grade of C or better in MAR1200L or LMAR1200 or permission of instructor)

MAR1250L Marine Technician Fundamentals (3 Credits)

Materials in this course are offered to the student in various formats including video, CD-Rom and printed text. This course also provides basic theoretical and foundational principles of 2- and 4-stroke engines and other marine propulsion systems. Setup and service literature are stressed. This is a required course for all Marine Technology students.

MAR1703L Independent Study (3 Credits)

Students in an independent study option will engage in learning about a topic of special interest and/or need. (Prerequisite: Approval of instructor, advisor, and department chair)

MAR2220L Marina Operations (4 Credits)

Marina operations will prepare entry-level technicians to use the Mercury Marine’s Midas System including; but no limited to, warranty claims, product registration, product history, parts and insurance estimation. (Prerequisite: MAR2310L or LMAR2310 or permission of instructor)

MAR2230L Inboard Engine Service (5 Credits)

Internal engine repair, as well as carburetor, fuel injection, ignition, cooling, alignment, maintenance and winterization are covered in this course. Diagnostic methodology is a major strongpoint. (Prerequisite: MAR1220L or LMAR1220 or permission of instructor)

MAR2250L Marine Drive Systems and Service (5 Credits)

This course involves identification, maintenance, setup and repair procedures for common marine stern drive, transom and trim systems including, but not limited to, MerCruiser, R, Alpha and Bravo systems. A section of inboard transmission setup, alignment and diagnostic procedures are included. (Prerequisite: MAR1220L or LMAR1220 or permission of instructor)

MAR2310L Outboard Engine Service II (4 Credits)

This course covers two- and four-cycle engine theory, ignition system theory function and diagnostics, fuel system theory function and diagnostics, cooling system theory function and diagnostics, and power transfer systems theory function and diagnostics. (Prerequisite: MAR1230L or LMAR1230 or permission of instructor)

MAR2350L Marine Engine Diagnostics (3 Credits)

This highly specialized course is specifically tailored for technicians who require or seek advanced levels of expertise on MerCruiser and Mercury Outboard EFI Systems technology. The research activities of this course are designed to further improve the working knowledge/skills of experienced technicians on EFI Systems technology, diagnosis and repair procedures. (Prerequisites: MAR2310L or LMAR2310, MAR2230L or LMAR2230)

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