Art Course Descriptions


ARTS1100L Drawing I CL2 L4 CR3

An introduction to the materials, techniques and subject matter of observational drawing in pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, conte and brush, as well as using experimental tools and techniques. Subject matter includes the still life and landscape. One and two point perspective is introduced. The student will gain mastery of the fundamental techniques of drawing as the primary means of documentation, communication and self-expression.

ARTS1150L Drawing II CL2 L4 CR3

A continuation of the principles, media and techniques of drawing established in Drawing I. Emphasis is placed on the exploration of creative visual expression through observational and imaginary drawing from the human figure, still life and landscape. Concepts and media of drawing in color are introduced and emphasis is placed on the use of drawing as a means of personal self-expression. (Prerequisite: ARTS1100L or LART1100)

ARTS1200L 2-D Design CL2 L4 CR3

An introduction to the basic two-dimensional design concepts of color, composition and the organization of pictorial space. A variety of design media will be explored which includes drawing, painting and collage.

ARTS1250L 3-D Design CL2 L4 CR3

An introduction to three-dimensional concepts and sculptural materials that are involved in the creation and appreciation of functional and non-functional sculptural form. A variety of sculptural media, materials and techniques will be explored including clay, plaster, wire, cardboard and mixed media.

ARTS1300L History of Art I CL3 L0 CR3

An introductory survey of the principle movements and trends in painting, sculpture, and architecture from the pre-historic period through the Middle Ages. Lectures will be supplemented by slides, film, video, and/or computer presentations.

ARTS1350L History of Art II CL3 L0 CR3

An introductory survey of the principle movements and trends in painting, sculpture, and architecture from the Renaissance through the 19th Century. Lectures will be supplemented by slides, film, video, and/or computer presentations. (Prerequisite: ARTS1300L or LART1300)

ARTS1400L Exploration in the Visual Arts CL3 L0 CR3

This course is designed to provide an overview of the visual arts, its traditions, history and techniques as part of our general education offerings. This course will fulfill a Liberal Arts elective requirement, but will not be appropriate for students pursuing the Associate Degree in Fine Arts.

ARTS1450L The Clay Experience I CL2 L4 CR3

An overview of basic techniques and processes of working with clay. Topics include hand-building and wheel-throwing methods, glazes and firing. This course will fulfill a humanities or liberal arts requirement for all majors. Fine Arts majors are directed to ARTS1450L as their elective.

ARTS1500L Introduction to Art Education CL3 L0 CR3

An introduction to the art teaching profession. Provides an overview of issues concerning the theory and practice of art education, as well as possible career paths in art education. Topics include, but are not limited to: history of art education in American schools; theory and practice in art education; child development in art; life in the art classroom; and career paths in art education.

ARTS1630L Screen Printing CL2 L2 CR3

This course introduces the student to screen printing techniques. Areas of emphasis include: types of frames; terminology; fabric selection; stencil preparation; fabric stretching techniques; screen printing inks; and squeegee selection. Projects are selected and designed by each student. Classroom theory will be supported by lab demonstrations. Credit will not be given for more than one of the following courses: ARTS1630L or LART1630, GRA2710L or LGRA2710

ARTS2100L Introduction to 35mm Photography CL2 L2 CR3

This course will provide the inexperienced photographer with instruction in basic 35mm camera techniques, types of cameras, lens and exposure controls. Particular attention will be given to various types of films, their exposure and development, followed by print development and darkroom techniques. Understanding technical terminology as it applies to photography will be stressed. Each student must provide film, print paper and his/her own 35mm manual camera.

ARTS2120L Digital Photography CL2 L2 CR3

This course is the digital complement to Introduction to 35mm Photography (ARTS2100L). It covers differences between film and digital cameras, the benefits and pitfalls of taking digital photographs, how to move your images from camera to computer, to a printer, or the web. Students will also learn how to use photographic techniques such as lighting and composition, and how to use the cameras automatic and manual settings. Finally, the student will produce a PowerPoint presentation using all of the skills they have learned. (Prerequisite: ARTS2100L or LART2100 or permission of instructor)

ARTS2150L Drawing III CL2 L4 CR3

This course introduces the student to drawing the human figure. Clothed and nude models will be the subjects of this course. Students will study the structure of the figure with an introduction to anatomy for artists, and will continue their exploration of a variety of materials that began in Drawing I and II. Gesture and pose, spatial constructions and the foreshortening of the figure will be discussed. (Prerequisites:ARTS1100L or LART1100,ARTS1150L or LART1150 or permission of instructor)

ARTS2200L Drawing IV CL2 L4 CR3

This course continues the inquiry from Drawing III into the representation of the human form. Students will be expected to expand upon and refine their observation skills and conceptual knowledge of the figure. The use of color will be introduced to the subject at this time. (Prerequisites: ARTS1100L or LART1100, ARTS1150L or LART1150, ARTS2150L or LART2150 or permission of instructor)

ARTS2350L 20th Century Art CL3 L0 CR3

This course provides an introductory survey of the styles and conventions of the principle artistic movements and trends of the late 19th through 20th century. (Prerequisite: ARTS1300L or LART1300, ARTS1350L or LART1350)

ARTS2400L Painting I CL2 L4 CR3

An introduction to the basic principles, media and techniques of painting in oils and acrylics. The development of understanding color mixing, exploration of form, content and space is emphasized while working from abstract and realistic subject matters. The course synthesizes composition, creative thought and critical thinking. (Prerequisite: ARTS1200L or LART1200)

ARTS2450L The Clay Experience II CL2 L4 CR3

An introduction to the media, techniques and processes of clay in both functional and non-functional methods which builds on the skills and experiences of 3-D Design (ARTS1250L). Students will gain an understanding of wheel-throwing and hand-forming methods, as well as glazing and firing. (Prerequisite: ARTS1450L or LART1450)

ARTS2510L Issues in Contemporary Art CL1 L0 CR1

An exploration of current topics, trends, issues, and artists in the contemporary art world. This course will be taught in a seminar format, supplemented with slides, film and video, computer presentations, and visiting artists. When possible, field trips to area galleries, museums, exhibitions, arts events, or studios may be taken. (Prerequisite: ARTS1300L or LART1300, ARTS1350L or LART1350)

ARTS2550L Printmaking CL2 L4 CR3

An introductory studio course in the methods and materials of printmaking, building on principles and concepts of design established in 2-D Design (ARTS1200L). A variety of printmaking techniques will be introduced including woodblock printing, etching, linoprinting, embossing and collograph. (Prerequisite: ARTS1200L or LART1200)

ARTS2600L Sculpture CL2 L4 CR3

Introduction to three-dimensional sculpture processes in a variety of media, which include clay, plaster, metals and wood. The course builds upon concepts and skills established in 3-D Design (LART1250), with emphasis on creative expression and critical thinking. Students will work from a variety of subject matter in both additive and subtractive sculptural methods. (Prerequisite: ARTS1250L or LART1250)

ARTS2650L Senior Portfolio CL0 L4 CR1

An introduction to portfolio presentation techniques to provide students with the skills and knowledge essential for the preparation for further education and a career in the visual arts. The course focuses on preparation of artwork, portfolio development, slide production, matting and the care of art works. Through the portfolio development process, students will gain an understanding of the skills essential to the effective transfer to a four-year institution for study of fine arts.

ARTS2700L Painting II CL2 L4 CR3

Further development of skills introduced in Painting I (ARTS2400L). Primary focus on observational painting from landscape, still-life, and an introduction to painting the figure. The course will include analysis of the painting styles of the past and emphasis upon the role of the artist in contemporary society. (Prerequisite: ARTS2400L or LART2400)

ARTS2750L Independent Study in Fine Arts CL0 L6 CR3

The Independent Study in Fine Arts is designed for those students who either want to delve more deeply into a particular aspect of art, or who have a personal project they would like to explore. Students are expected to have enough art experience to formulate their own interests and goals, as well as work independently to completion. (Prerequisite: Permission of instructor)