Fire Technology Technical Requirements

Fire studentFire Technology applicants must:

  • have command of the English language;
  • have a high school diploma or equivalent;
  • not have a felony conviction
  • be able to complete requirements for college level courses;
  • be able to understand and follow both written and oral instructions;
  • have reading comprehension skills sufficient to read and comprehend service literature;
  • have communication skills sufficient to prepare and present required reports;
  • have sufficient hearing to distinguish various sounds and noises;
  • have sufficient dexterity to perform manual skills;
  • have the ability to stand for extended periods of time;
  • have normal vision for reading instructions and course materials and for performing manipulative tasks;
  • be able to work in a fire, emergency medical or hazardous material environment;
  • be able to wear fire protective clothing and a self contained breathing apparatus for an extended period of time;
  • have sufficient writing ability to formulate written assessment, charting notes, and reports;
  • have the ability to sustain cognitive integrity in areas of short and long term memory, areas of written documentation, and follow through of responsibilities;
  • have the ability to concentrate on the execution of treatment plans, assigned skills, and tasks as well as the integration and communication of this work for both short and long term periods of time;
  • have the ability to work in settings that may lend themselves to frequent interruptions and immediate crisis response;
  • have the ability to cope with a variety of stressors, including people-place occurrences, and demonstrate safe and required care for individuals and the workplace as a whole;
  • have the ability to secure transportation to the NH Fire Academy and to other sites;
  • have the ability to consistently attend and participate in classes;
  • have the physical strength necessary for maneuvering and/or lifting heavy objects;
  • have the ability to climb and work on ladders, including heights above 100 feet;
  • have the ability to work in confined spaces while using self contained breathing apparatus;
  • have the ability to exercise initiative and judgment while dealing with changing situations.