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Laconia Head Start Support for Lakes Region Community College

When I begin to interview for an open position at Head Start, and Early Head Start, I find myself looking for Lakes Region Community College course work on the resume. There is a connection that I hope will continue between LRCC and Laconia Head Start: staff who have experienced early childhood classes through LRCC prove themselves to be professional, dedicated educators. They know the needs of the Laconia community and become vested in the type of quality program we strive to achieve. It always impresses me to see the number of staff who take advantage of the relevant class selection, even after completing requirements for employment or degrees.

 I asked several members of the Laconia Head Start staff to share why Lakes Region Community College for Early Childhood Education? Here's what they had to say:

"I graduated with an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education in May of 2012. I thought all of the classes were well-planned. Although I had worked in the field for many years, going to the classes taught me so much I didn't know. The professors were always available if you had a question and my advisor (Janet Kibbee) became a friend and valued mentor." Cory

"I have taken two classes at LRCC - Child Development and Children with Disabilities - from Janet Kibbee. She is a wonderful teacher and I learned a lot to bring into the classroom. Having worked at Early Head Start for sixteen years, I am pleased when I use ideas and techniques I have learned...It's fun to have current LRCC students visit our classroom and hear about their future plans and goals." Caroline

"All advice from Janet Kibbee has helped me become who I am today which is a lead preschool teacher. Janet really taught the basics and steps to be successful! I continued my education, and will graduate from Granite State College in June." Amanda

"At the age of 40, I decided to switch gears and leave the corporate world for the "child's world". The teachers were very understanding, helpful, and supportive, as it was a very scary leap/transition! I worked at the college from 2002-2003 and received my Childcare Worker Certificate in August, 2004." Beth

"My entire experience at LRCC was positive!! Janet was always very helpful and willing to work with me to complete my Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. When it was decided that I needed one more class that had not been a requirement previously, to complete my degree, she worked with me to do an independent study, so I could graduate when I had planned." Kari

"One positive comment about my experience at LRCC is that no matter your age, level of professional experience, or previous education, you will still benefit from the teaching staff, student interactions, and class selections provided. When I moved to NH, I already had a MS in Education, but not in early childhood. I started at LRCC in 2011, and will continue to take early childhood classes until there are no more!" Donna

Darlene Avery
Site Manager
Laconia Head Start/Early Head Start
Lakes Region Family Center

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