Studies techniques and responsibilities involved in the supervision of employees in business management. This course examines human behavior which encourages productive business relationships at all levels. Management of projects and customer service functions are studied. Students learn to work with minimal supervision and to effectively supervise the work of others.

Principles of Management

A comprehensive survey of the principles and practices of management as they are currently being applied in the United States and abroad. The two continuing themes throughout the course are; (1) the never-ending effort by managers and organizations to meet or exceed customer needs and (2) the need for effective leadership in organizations. Emphasis is […]

Cooperative Education/Internship I

The initial experience in a program designed to combine classroom theory with practical application through jobrelated experiences. Students are actively working in an organization with a focus which relates to their academic training and career objectives. (Prerequisite: Permission from advisor and department chair)

Principles of Customer Service

This course is designed to develop the critical skills necessary for success as a customer service provider. Students will examine current concepts and trends in the customer service industry, and will take an active role in the development of their own exceptional customer service skills. Areas of study will include problem solving, communication, development of […]

Small Business Management

Problems of a small business operation: going into business, financing a business, the feasibility study, marketing, and management of business phases are covered.

Introduction to Business

This course offers the study of business world operations including the wide range of occupational functions and the American economic system.

Professional Development

This course is designed to improve professional growth in individuals. Topics include business etiquette, appearance, attitude, networking, decision-making, personal and professional growth plans.