Quick Facts

Information provided here is from the Registrar for the Fall 2019 term

Matriculated students

Full time students:              45%

Part time students:             55%

Male:                                     49%

Female:                                 51%

In state students:                93%

Out of state:                           7%

Average age:                         25 years old

Graduation Rate:                 36% (2017 cohort)

Retention (Fall to Spring):  70%*

Top Five Majors  

 Liberal Arts, General Studies, Fire Science, Management and Automotive Technologies (includes GM ASEP, Toyota and General Automotive)

Dual Enrollment

Running Start      

Over 500 high school students from around the state enrolled in Running Start (college) classes offered by LRCC in the Fall term.  Of those students 142 students    enrolled in two classes or more and 20 enrolled in 10 or more credits.

Early College  

Nearly 40 students were enrolled as Early College students taking one of more classes on campus.


26 high school students enrolled in online courses offered by LRCC.

*estimate based on previous years.