TLCC Learning Tools

The Right Tool Makes Any Job Easier

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally-Speaking lets you talk to your computer instead of typing. As you talk, your words are transcribed onto the screen and into your documents or e-mail messages.

You can use Dragon Naturally-Speaking to:

  • Compose letters, memos, and send e-mail messages. You can cut and paste inside your documents as well as revise and format text. Just think about what you want to say, and then say it into the microphone.
  • Enter data into forms or spreadsheets. Most people can dictate numbers faster than they can type.
  • Work on the Web. You search the Web, access information, and navigate Web pages by speaking URLs and links.
  • Start programs and open menus.
  • Voice playback correction and proofing



Rosetta Stone for English

The Rosetta Stone Language Library teaches new languages naturally from the very beginning. Full immersion. Basic to advanced.




Jaws (Job Access With Speech): JAWS is a screen reader that works with Windows operating system to provide access to today’s popular software applications and the Internet. JAWS uses an integrated voice synthesizer and your computer’s sound card to output the content of your computer screen to speakers.


iMAX (Magnifier)

MAX is a digital, hand-held magnifier designed for people with low vision.
Viewing Options:



The iCommunicator program helps persons who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or those with other communication challenges achieve two-way communication. It is an interactive solution to communication accessibility needs in educational, workplace, and public access venues. The iCommunicator is also a teaching tool that helps improve literacy skills.

The iCommunicator software program converts speech into multiple streams of data for simultaneous presentation of text, video-sign language, and computer-generated speech. The iCommunicator software works with Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software allowing you to train your computer to recognize voice and speech patterns. The program stores these voice files for immediate access.

The iCommunicator software program converts human speech to digitally imaged sign language, computer-generated speech, and text printed on the computer screen. Likewise, it lets you type words and phrases that the program converts to computer-generated speech and then relays to audio speakers or peripheral hearing devices. For persons with hearing loss, the iCommunicator program generates speech and sends it to cochlear implants, FM systems, and hearing aids. It provides a clear audio stream, devoid of extraneous background noises.


Kurzweil 3000

The Kurzweil 3000 is a PC-based reading system developed specifically for ease of use by students and teachers. In particular, it is an ideal compensatory aid for individuals with reading difficulties.

This application allows the user to view a scanned page on the computer screen while listening to the text being read aloud. In addition, the Kurzweil 3000 provides study skills, editing, and file management tools.

The Kurzweil 3000:

  • Scans and reads pages from any book or document, and reads World Wide Web (WWW) pages and imported electronic documents.
  • Speaks and highlights text simultaneously, providing auditory and visual representation.
  • Offers clear, natural-sounding synthetic speech in a choice of reading voice personalities.
  • Syllabicates, provides individual phonemes, and spells words.
  • Offers a 175,000-word dictionary with synonyms.
  • Provides adjustable speed (words per minute) for all auditory output.
  • Highlights selected text and extracts the highlights into a new document.
  • Enables users to insert typed or spoken notes anywhere within a document
  • Provides text-editing options for teachers before students read.
  • Reads back student-generated writing to assist in proofreading.