Business Office Policies

Protested Check Policy

“Whenever any check, draft or money order issued in payment of any fee or for any other purpose is returned to any state department or institution as uncollectible, the department or institution may charge a fee of $35.00, plus all protest and bank fees, in addition to the amount of the check, draft or money order to the person presenting the check, draft or money order to the department or institution to cover the costs of collection.” (RSA 6:11-a)

Delinquent Account Collection Policy

Any account ninety days past due may be turned over to an independent, outside collections agency. This will add at least twenty-eight percent, the agency’s fee, to the total owed. At the same time the debt will be reported to the Credit Bureau. After all financial obligations have been satisfied, students who wish to return to Lakes Region CC will be required to prepay in full for one semester at the time of registration. Students will only be able to defer payments when all financial aid requirements have been satisfied. Any remaining balance must be paid in full. After one semester the student will be in good standing with Lakes Region CC . The student will then become eligible for the Lakes Region CC Payment Plan and Financial Aid Deferment using all awards except college work-study.

Institute Refund Policy

Please note that all refunds described below require that the student complete an official withdrawal form in the Registrar’s Office. Therefore, students who register for classes, never attend and do not officially withdraw are liable for all charges.

Students who complete the official college/institute withdrawal procedure by the 14th day of the semester (or other pro-rated enrollment period)  will receive a 100% refund of tuition, less non-refundable fees. Non-refundable fees are defined as advance tuition deposits, admission application fees, Accuplacer test fee, payment plan fee, late registration fee and orientation fees. All other fees are to be considered refundable. This includes, but is not limited to lab fees, comprehensive student services fees and the Nursing Program clinical surcharge.

Students who officially drop a course or courses by the 14th day of the semester (or other pro-rated enrollment period)  will be refunded 100%. Students who neglect to officially drop within the drop/add period are not eligible for a refund

Students registered for workshops through Community Education or the Center for Training and Business Development must withdraw in writing at least three days prior to the first workshop session in order to receive a full refund of tuition and fees. The tractor trailer course requires that you withdraw two weeks prior to the start of class.

In extenuating circumstances, the President (or designee) is authorized to offer alternative compensation in the form of tuition credit or waiver to students on a case-by-case basis. Tuition credit on a student account must be used within one calendar year from the date of authorization.