Policy - Drug Free Workplace

I.  Purpose:  The CCSNH is committed to ensuring a drug-free workplace. Legal Requirements:  In accordance with the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 (Pub. L. No. 100-690, Title V, Subtitle D) employees are prohibited from the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of any controlled substance in the workplace.  Chemical dependency can and does affect work performance and attendance.

II. Requirements: As a condition of employment employees are:

  1. Prohibited from the use, possession, distribution, dispensation, or unlawful manufacture of any controlled substance while on the property of the CCSNH or its colleges, during work hours, or while attending any CCSNH or college sponsored activity or function;
  2. Prohibited from consuming alcohol while on duty or in the workplace and from reporting to work while under the influence of alcoholic  beverages or controlled substances (drugs);
  3. Driving any CCSNH or college owned vehicle, or driving a personal vehicle while on business for the CCSNH or its colleges, while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances (drugs);
  4. Required to report in writing to the College or CCSNH Human Resources Office any criminal conviction based on the unlawful use, possession, distribution, dispensation or manufacture of a controlled substance where the violation occurred on CCSNH or its college premises or that occurs in the workplace.  The reporting of such incidents must occur within five (5) calendar days from entry of the trial court’s decision, regardless of whether an appeal is taken.

III.        Sanctions:      

  1. Conviction of a drug-related crime shall be a basis for disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
  2.  A notice of the drug conviction shall be placed in the employee’s personnel file in accordance with normal disciplinary procedures.
  3. Conviction of a drug-related crime shall require the employee to utilize the services of the CCSNH’s employee assistance program and successfully complete an approved drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program recommended by the EAP as a condition of continued employment.

IV.        Programs:  The CCSNH and its colleges shall initiate a drug-free awareness program which informs CCSNH employees of the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace; the CCSNH rules and policies requiring a drug-free workplace; or the availability of employee assistance programs; and of the penalties that may be imposed for abuse violations occurring in the workplace.

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