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Energy Services Certificate

Lakes Region Community College is among a handful of institutions recognized by the national Building Operator Certification program as a BOC Approved Provider.  Because LRCC’s Energy Services Certificate provides comparable curriculum to the BOC Level I training, experienced facility operators who successfully complete this program are awarded the Building Operator Certification.

At no additional cost, qualified students who successfully complete the Energy Services Certificate are eligible to apply for Building Operator Certification. Building Operators going for BOC certification must document at least two years' experience in building operations, maintenance or energy management; or at least one year's experience and at least one year technical college education in facilities operation and maintenance.


Fall Semester   CL CEU  
LEST1010 Building Operations & Systems 11 1  
LEST1020 Building Energy Conservation 11 1  
LEST1030 HVAC Controls & Operation 20 2  
LEST1040 Lighting Theory & Efficiency 11 1  
LEST1050 Indoor Air Quality Theory & Techniques 7 1  
LEST1060 Electrical Systems & Distribution 11 1  
LEST1070 Energy Management Planning 12 1  
  Totals 83 8  
  Total for Certificate = 8