ES Certificate Course Descriptions

ESTC1010L    Building Operations & Systems   CL11 CEU1
This course covers the operations of building systems in respect to the overall building performance and interaction of all systems that service a building. Each building system will be covered individually as well as a whole. This course builds the foundation for subsequent courses. This is a one (1) day training session.

ESTC1020L    Building Energy Conservation   CL11 CEU1
In this course students will develop an understanding in how buildings consume energy, and how to compare building performance. Students will learn methods of collecting energy consumption data, analyzing energy data, and recognizing potential areas of conserving energy via data collection and building comparisons. Students will work with utility rate structures, utility billing practices, and understanding utility incentive programs.

ESTC1030L   HVAC Controls & Operation    CL20 CEU2
In this course students will be introduced to the operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in commercial buildings. Boilers, chillers, air handling systems, pumps, fuel characteristics and control systems will be covered.  Operational improvements and preventative maintenance techniques are emphasized throughout the course as well as an introduction to building automated control systems.

ESTC1040L    Lighting Theory & Efficiency     CL11 CEU1
The theory of lighting and techniques to achieve efficient lighting are covered in this course. The principles of lighting design are introduced as well as preventative maintenance techniques to maintain energy efficient lighting.

ESTC1050L    Indoor Air Quality Theory & Techniques     CL7 CEU1
This course outlines preventative strategies for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in commercial and institutional buildings. Students will learn the different techniques and equipment used to measure for IAQ as well as how building systems interact with IAQ. Students will discuss control strategies for a preventative IAQ program.

ESTC1060L    Electrical Systems & Distribution       CL11 CEU1
In this course the student will learn the different electrical systems found in commercial and institutional buildings as well as various distribution methods. The course will consist of a hands-on electrical mapping project. Successful students will be able to understand and map electrical systems in existing buildings.

ESTC1070l    Energy Management Planning     CL12 CEU1
This course will be a culmination of the previous courses in the certificate program. Sustainable building operations, maintenance and planning will be reviewed. As a capstone course, students will prepare a cost-effective operations and maintenance energy management plan for a sample facility.




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