Online Registration Instructions

What is the Student Information System (SIS)?

The Student Information System (SIS) allows you to register for classes, check seat availability, look up instructor email addresses, and view your grades, unofficial transcript, financial aid status, student billing account, and personal information. Additionally, the SIS is where you will locate your student email account address, email user name, and password.

To Register for Classes

  1. See Login Instructions for the SIS here
  2. You will arrive at the MAIN MENU
  3. Click on Student tab
  4. Click on Registration
  5. Click on Add/Drop Classes
  6. Verify the Term and click Submit
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your CRNs (Course Reference Numbers) and click Submit Changes. Look at the status of your classes and verfiy that you are registered for the correct classes.

Sample Errors:

  • Closed Section: Section is full. Go to look up classes to add and search for another section.
  • Holds: Financial holds will prevent a student from registering for classes and must be removed before the student is permitted to register. For information regarding holds, contact the Business Office at 603-366-5245.
  • Prerequisite Error: Students who attempt to register for a course which requires successful completion of another coures(s) which they have not yet completed will receive a "Prerequisite Error." If you believe you have met the prerequisite you may need to contact your advisor, the couse instructor, or the Registrar's Office at 603-366-5235 to register.
  • Repeat Limit Error: Students who attempt to register for a course which they have already repeated will receive a "Repeat Count Warning." You will still be able to register for the course; however, you will need to see your advisor to confirm course selection.
  • Time Conflict: Students may not schedule any courses in conflict. If you receive a "Time Conflict" error, it is because you tried to register for courses that meet at the same time. Return to "Class Search" and selection another course/section.

If You Have Questions with the Online Registration Process

Please contact the Registrar's Office at 603-366-5235 or 1-800-357-2992


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