Determination of Grades

The college posts grades on our Student Information System (SIS) at the end of each semester/session for each course for students who have met all financial and other college responsibilities. Online grade reports include the semester grade point average, cumulative credits and the cumulative grade point average. Current semester and Cumulative Grade Point Averages are not re-calculated until at least one week after the end of each semester in August, December, and May once grades are received for all courses.

Grade Point Average

The grade point average determines academic standing and is computed as follows:

1. Multiply the grade points earned in each course by the number of credit hours associated with that course. For each course, this gives a value known as quality points.

2. Add the quality points from all the courses taken in the semester. Separately total the number of credits.

3. Divide the total quality points by the total number of credits. This gives the semester grade point average.

LENG1200 College Composition
A (4)
4 x 3 = 12
LSCI1440 Human Biology with Lab B+ (3.3)
3.3 x 4 = 13.2
LMAT1230 Introductory Algebra C (2)
2 x 3 = 6
LPSY1250 Introduction to Psychology D (1)
1 x 3 = 3
A total of 34.2 quality points divided by 13 credits = 2.63 semester grade point average (GPA)

Grades are recorded as follows:

A 4.0 Points AF - Administrative Failure...0 Points
A- 3.7 Points AU - Audit
B+ 3.3 Points CR - Credit by Exam
B 3.0 Points CS - Continuing Study
B- 2.7 Points I - Incomplete
C+ 2.3 Points NP - No Pass
C 2.0 Points P - Pass
C- 1.7 Points TR - Course Transfer
D+ 1.3 Points W - Withdrew
D 1.0 Points WF - Withdrawal Failing
D- .7 Points WP - Withdrawal Passing
F .0 Points * - Basic Skills
NOTE: Grades for Basic Skills courses have an asterisk following the letter grade and are not computed in a GPA/CGPA.

When a student repeats a course (either voluntarily or because it is required to make up a failure), only the latest grade is computed in the GPA/CGPA, but both grades will appear on the academic transcript.

Cumulative Grade Point Average

The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) reflects a student's academic standing through the most recent semester. To compute the cumulative grade point average, divide the total quality points earned in all semesters by the total credits attempted in all semesters.

Incomplete Course Grade

An Incomplete Grade (I) indicates that a student has not completed a major course assignment (usually a final exam or culminating final assessment) due to extraordinary circumstances, such as serious illness, death in the family, etc. The grade is applied only in those instances where the student has a reasonable chance of passing. It is not used to give an extension of time for a student delinquent in meeting course responsibilities.

<>The work must be completed by the student through arrangement with the instructor no later than:


  • the end of the third week in the spring semester for a grade issued in the fall semester
  • the end of the third week in the fall semester for a grade issued in the summer term
  • three weeks from the earliest start date of the summer term for a grade issued in the spring semester

Should the student fail to complete the work within the designated period, the grade will automatically become an F. Exceptions to the above deadlines may be made by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Incomplete grades will not be included in the computation of Grade Point Average.

Continuing Study

CS - Continuing Study allows students to register for a developmental course if competencies have not been met by the end of the course. Intended for students who have demonstrated progress and a commitment to succeeding in the course but who need more time to achieve competencies. This grade applies to Basic Skills courses only and does not affect GPA.