Technical Requirements - Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management candidates must:

  • have command of the English language;
  • be capable of lifting or carryin at least twenty-five pounds;
  • comprehend new terminology;
  • understand the importance of personal hygiene, appearance, and etiquette for interaction with the public;
  • have the physical and mental ability to satisfy long hours, demands, and stress that the restaurant industry cultivates

Students who successfully complete this program will:

  • be prepared for mid-level management employment in both skilled and professional positions;
  • have an understanding of successful management styles which promote skills such as teamwork, employee motivation, no excuses management, critical thinking and decision making;
  • acquire managerial accounting skills that will specifically deal with cost controls within the Hospitality Industry and prepare them for both chain and independent properties;
  • gain practical experience in the complete management of the front of the house, both dining room and bar, including hiring, termination, POS control systems, dining techniques and scheduling;
  • gain practical experience in the complete management of the back of the house focusing on cositng, purchasing, menu design and terminology, quality recipe production and kitchen oganization;
  • gain practical experience in catering thru actual mandatory functions taken by the restaurant management program;
  • understand the laws and legislation which apply to hotels and inn-keeping, restaurants and related hospitality operations with an emphasis on management policies to minimize the risks of liability.