Pastry Arts

The Pastry Arts program at LRCC is designed to teach the basic skills needed for an individual to pursue a beginning level position as a pastry chef. Whether in a hotel, chain or free-standing restaurant, pastry chefs are in great demand.

Students in this program will be expected to absorb terminology and techniques, practicing and refining their skills both in class and in the field. They will learn to work with respect and professionalism, and will be held to the strict demands of the industry. Completing the program will equip students with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in their chosen field.

LRCC's Pastry Arts program is designed with transfer options in mind. Full three-credit courses, with extended class/labs that give students ample time and opportunity to experiment, and to develop their skills, are specifically based on the articulation agreements and relationships already in place with other universities. Students completing the program will have the skills needed to enter the baking industry, but they will also have the courses needed to continue on to a Bachelors' Degree at any number of colleges.

In addition to transfer options, LRCC's program is designed so that students interested in earning duel degrees may do so with a minimum of time and expense. A majority of the management and general education courses are identical, so that students wishing to follow a duel degree path have only six additional courses to complete.

Click here to start a slideshow showcasing some of the pastries and dishes created by students in the Pastry Arts and Culinary Arts programs.

Mercer knife and pastry sets may be purchased from the LRCC Bookstore. Call Debra at 603-524-0697 to order. Click the image below to view a full-size poster of both sets.
pastry sets

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