OTM Technical Requirements

The student who successfully completes this program will:

  • demonstrate employable skill sets in Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint
  • complete routine office tasks without supervision
  • demonstrate appropriate verbal and written communication
  • demonstrate analysis and decision- making skills in completing tasks and projects

The Office Technology Management degree offers a solid foundation in office management skills with opportunities for specialization in administrative or medical Office Technology Management. Certificates are also available in Administrative Office Assistant and Medical Office Assistant. These programs define and develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed by office professionals to integrate the office resources of people and technology in today’s changing environment. Certificate programs may be extended through additional coursework to meet degree requirements.

Each concentration offers excellent employment opportunities. Economic forecasts continue to project an increase in office positions through 2012. Employers in today’s business climate require employees who possess excellent interpersonal, communication, and technical skills. Graduates are positioned to enter this ever-changing viable marketplace. Students may declare a concentration in Administrative Office or in Medical Office. The requirements for the Administrative Office concentration include: LCIS2350, LCIS2420, LOTM2250, and OTM2550. The Medical Office concentration includes: LOTM1310, LOTM1560, LOTM2270, and LOTM2520.

Technical Requirements

Candidates for the Office Technology Management program must:

  • have command of the English language
  • have eye/hand coordination (dexterity) for manipulating computer keyboard and other office equipment
  • have grade 12 level verbal, written, oral communication skills and critical thinking skills
  • have arithmetic and computation skills
  • have the ability to cope with multi-tasking, self-management of some course content/tasks/simulations, and a variety of teaching/ learning methods
  • ability to sit/concentrate for long periods of time completing office-oriented tasks at the computer and in groups
  • have the ability to follow instructions
  • exercise professional decorum in the classroom environment— appropriate language, attitude, no verbal/physical outbursts, respect